Why Soft Sided Coolers Are The Best Choice

Why Soft Sided Coolers Are The Best Choice

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Why Soft Sided Coolers Are The Best Choice

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

soft sided coolers Going camping is a pastime that is enjoyed by many people of all ages. It is important to be prepared for a trip, otherwise there is a chance that something can go wrong.

Choosing the right cooler is one aspect of preparation that is more important than most people realize. The following article will give you a good idea of why soft sided coolers are your best choice.

Introducing the soft super cooler the most versatile bag on the market today it’s a water proof bag with super insulation. You can put your clothes in it, go on vacation or use it as official carry-on luggage.

Great for all sports including football, baseball, soccer, skiing, fishing, hunting, biking just to name a few. The heavy-duty zippers never rust or corrode and are the same ones in wetsuits, and come with a lifetime warranty.

The super roomy insulated compartment can be used as a cooler due to its waterproof lining or can be used to store dry items like cameras, video equipment, cell phones, or can even be used as a tackle box. It has two removable inside dry zippered bags that can easily hold your keys, camera lens, sunglasses or even food. Great for transporting frozen food or just about anything you want.

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Holds ice 3 to 5 days, three times longer than some of the other hard and soft sided coolers. Five layers of insulation and three layers of waterproofing make this bag almost indestructible.

Comes with two removable multipurpose heavy-duty pockets that you can even store a bottle of wine. Nine pockets in all. Three bags for the price of one protects computers, cameras, electronics and all your valuables. You can even crush it down for easy storage.

Virtually waterproof and floats in water the ultimate piece of safety equipment will float a 300 pound person you’ll be amazed at the money you’ll save in just ice alone.

The first reason why this type of cooler is the best is the fact that they are not very heavy. You will have so much gear with you while on a camping trip that it would only make sense for you to look for ways to lighten your load.

Soft sided coolers are known for being considerable lighter than their much harder counterparts. It will be much easier to enjoy yourself if you are not worried about over-exhaustion due to a heavy load.

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Keeping your food and drinks cool is the main reason for carrying a cooler. What good will it do if they only stay chilled for a limited amount of time? A soft super cooler will keep your food a lot colder for a lot longer than any other type of cooler will.

This means that you do not having to worry about getting tired from hiking and having to refresh yourself with a lukewarm beverage. While that is better than not having a drink at all, having something chilled will make your body feel more replenished.

Features And Benefits

  • Waterproof Lining
  • Heavy Duty
  • Easy to carry
  • Super Tough
  • Lightweight
  • Available in 4 Colors, Blue, Black, Green, Red

Two removable, zippered, water resistant inside bags easily hold all your dry storage – keys, camera lens, sun glasses or even food or a bottle of wine.

Besides the fact that you want the temperature of your food to stay steady, you also want to prevent your food from becoming spoiled. Imagine going on a journey for several hours then finding out that all of your food is now ruined.

Since you will likely be very far from civilization, you may have to make do with what you have, or look to the elements for something to nourish your body. Camping is a two-way trip, so this means that you may not have enough food to fuel your body for the return trip. Soft-sided coolers are ideal for people that want to avoid this type of situation. Your food will be just as good as it was when you placed it in your soft sided cooler.

Soft Super Cooler   The Most Versatile Bag In The World


The sides of the cooler are pretty yielding. This is great if you have awkwardly shaped items that threaten to take up too much space. Since the side are soft, this means that you will not have to leave anything out because it doesn’t fit correctly.

The roomy, super insulated main compartment can be used as a cooler, or due to its waterproof liner, can be used for dry storage, to hold video equipment, cell phones, tackle or even as carry-on luggage.

For example, if you choose to place a container in there that is a bit wider than the cooler, you can stretch it a bit to make it fit. This is not an option when you use a cooler that has harder sides.

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Now that you know all of the advantages of soft sided coolers, it is time for you to go out there and purchase one. You need to make sure that you are prepared when it is time to go on your next camping trip.


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