Walk Fit Platinum Review, Do They Really Help?

Walk Fit Platinum Review, Do They Really Help?

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Thursday, January 18, 2018

walk fitHello everybody today in this Walk Fit Platinum Review,  we are going to talk about a problem that a lot of people have, and that’s sore aching feet!

If you are one of those who are experiencing the problem of excruciating backache or facing discomfort with your hips, feet or knees, then buying Walk Fit Platinum Shoe Inserts is one of the best ways to get rid of these problems.


Put your body in perfect alignment and wave goodbye to hip, foot and knee pain with the new Walk fit Platinum shoe inserts.

Designed by doctors, these amazing orthotic inserts were proven scientifically to improve posture and reduce pain levels in 90% of everyone that was tested. These inserts will strengthen your ankles and heels and will protect your knees, pelvis, and feet from the shocks of everyday life including athletic adventures. Abnormal foot function causes problems and the Walkfit Platinum inserts will reduce and eliminate this abnormal function quickly and put you on the road to better health faster.


Imagine waking up tomorrow and having to stand on your feet all day. Feel the pain. The new, improved Walk fit Platinum Shoe Inserts will have you feeling like a new person at the end of the day. Your legs and hips will not feel tired. You back will still feel like you just had a great night of sleep. You will have more energy and be able to live your life. The advanced silver bacteriostatic technology kills odors and keeps your feet fresh all day and the lifetime replacement option will keep you walking from now on.



Walk fit Platinum Features and Benefits


  • Doctor designed
  • Aligns the back and shoulders to relieve pain
  • Balances the hips and reduces knee and pelvic pain
  • Bio Lock heel cup with space age gel to control shock absorption
  • Soft where needed and firm where it is important
  • Customizable to your feet
  • Restores natural foot function
  • Comes in 11 different sizes for men and women
  • 100% safe to wash
  • Lifetime Replacement (no questions asked just send for your replacements)
  • Silver Bacteriostatic technology to control odors


Real Customer Reviews:

Hands down or should I say feet down, this is the best thing ever, I can be a grandpa again said a recent letter. Having been laid up for 6 months my ankles and knees got really weak and using these inserts have helped me regain my balance and the ability to walk without fear of falling anymore. I am a very happy and lucky guy.

Steroid injections, custom orthotic inserts, and prescription medications did not help me at all and then I got these inserts. Now I can walk again without pain, the clouds have parted and the sun has come out and I have a new joy in my life. Being able to do the things I thought I never would again is what the Walkfit Platinum Shoe Inserts have done for me.


Cups foot with durable support to relieve discomfort! WalkFit Platinum distributes your weight evenly across your foot to help prevent collapsing, pressure points, stress and rubbing. This reduces painful burning, bunions, corns, and calluses.Eases impact by evenly distributing the force of each step!
Flexes and cushions to help absorb destructive shock waves from traveling up through your entire body every time your foot hits the ground!No other orthotic offers you this custom comfort feature! 3 sets of customizable arch inserts allow you to decide which feels perfect for you.

Walk Fit Bonus

The WalkFit® Platinum “Love It Or Return It” Guarantee
If, within 30 days of receiving WalkFit® Platinum Orthotics, you are not thrilled with your results, simply return them for a complete refund of your purchase price (less shipping and processing).

Return to:
8950 Toronto Avenue, Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730

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  1. Lucas says:
    1 stars

    I feel your pain. One of my feet is larger, but not a full size. I have on osaocicn taken the tighter shoe to a shoe repair shop and getting it stretched. Something else not relevant but useful. I try to always buy the same socks (color and brand), as a result the difference between the new and the old, is thickness. I put the thinner sock on the larger foot. It works for me. I hope this helps.I’ll confess at one time in a self help shoe store, do my own mix and match. I hope the next guy to come along, had our problem and received a good fit.

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