Tummy Stuffers As Seen On TV

Tummy Stuffers As Seen On TV

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Tummy Stuffers As Seen On TV

Saturday, October 21, 2017 By Dale Wall

tummy stuffersHello guys Dale here with another cool product for your kids called Tummy Stuffers As Seen On TV. Your kids are going to love these cool stuffed animals that eat up all their stuff! and so will you when you see how clean they keep their room.

My kids rooms are big but with all the stuff laying around it makes it look small. And with the prices of storage units these days who needs it?

Ive tried to buy extra dresser drawers to clean some of the clutter but it never fails there always so much, I just cant seem to get enough closet space or more room no matter how hard i try.

When I decided something had to be done i started looking online, id seen a commercial about these stuffed animals called Tummy Stuffers for kids that you can fill with all kinds of stuff!, clothes, socks, all kinds of stuff even a blanket. They are large stuffed animals with big mouths that you stuff with clutter and act as storage containers all the while looking cute lol.

So i ordered 2 for my kids and man they worked good! Lots of extra space after the Tummy Stuffers arrived. I couldn’t believe how many items you could put in them. Now when we have company they always compliment how good everything looks and tidy the kids rooms are. But i always say you see that big stuffed animal on the bed? that’s full of their stuff that otherwise would be all over the place.

If you have kids chances are you have purchased plenty of stuffed animals. But what if that stuffed animal could serve as a cute stuffed toy and a smart way to store items? That’s exactly what you get with the new Tummy Stuffers As seen on TV – a fun and exciting way to help get kids to pick up their clutter while having an adorable stuffed animal that they can even name, cuddle up too and enjoy for years to come. Parents, grandparents, babysitters, all love the fun and practical use that Tummy Stuffers provide.


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How They Work

When they are sitting by themselves with nothing in them they look like deflated stuffed animals But hold on! that’s because they need stuff in them to make them fat and they are waiting for you or your kids to fill them up with stuff. Each Tummy Stuffer can hold all sorts of items, including toys, clothes, socks, and even a full size blanket.

They just fill their mouths with all the items and watch as they get bigger and bigger until they are stuffed but they can get even more in them! its amazing how many items you can get in a Tummy Stuffer. And the best part is no one can tell, they still look like your typical stuffed animal. When you child wants to get something they know where it is and can easily retrieve it. These critters hold a whole lot more items than you would expect to which is really cool.

When the kids have sleepovers now they bring out the Tummy Stuffers for play and when they go to bed they use them as pillows too. All the kids just love them. Instead of putting everything in suit cases or backpacks they can put their items in the stuffed animal instead.

The Tummy Stuffer animals are 13 inches tall and grow even bigger the more stuff you put in them. You also get the 8 inch Tummy Stuffer as the bonus together with your order absolutely free


Current Pets Available:

Brown Monkey
Red/Black Ladybug
Tan Dog
Lilac Unicorn
Green Gator
Pink Cat

Likes and Dislikes

As with anything that you buy these days or online,Tummy Stuffers have both their pros and cons, although the benfits of these little critters is just awesome.


  • One of the best ways to handle limited space in your child’s room The kids can put all their things inside Tummy Stuffers making their room look clean as a whistle.
  • Kids will keep their room cleaner with these guys and have fun doing it.
  • A better alternative to a backpack for an overnight sleepover, a road trip, or going on vacation.
  • The best solution for both a cuddly stuffed animal and storage container.

Things we did not like

  • Big huge items wont fit in a Tummy Stuffer, but you wouldn’t want to do that anyway
  • You have to fold your clothes to keep them from getting wrinkled before putting them in the Tummy Stuffer

Where to Buy

Our suggestion is buying Tummy Stuffers online, through the official website while they last. Be sure and ask about the 100% guarantee along with the free 8 inch Tummy Stuffer with each order that you purchase.

Our Final Recommendation

Tummy Stuffers is a toy but yet its a way for your kids to learn responsibility for cleaning up and storing all their items the fun way. Tummy Stuffers are cool stuffed animals that don’t just lay around and take up space. These are really awesome critters that are so cute, that swallow your kids things and make more room. . 

When ordering today, you will receive one Tummy Stuffer Character for just $19.99 + $8.99 S&H, and receive a matching Mini Tummy Stuffer for FREE!

If you should have any questions about ordering or a question about this product, please feel free to contact Customer Service with the information provided below.

Tummy Stuffers
500 Bic Drive
Building 4
Milford, CT 06461

Phone: 1-888-481-0237

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