ThermaLash Eyelash Curler, The Best Eyelash Curler

ThermaLash Eyelash Curler, The Best Eyelash Curler

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Thermalash Eyelash Curler, The Best Eyelash Curler

Wednesday, October 18, 2017 By Dale W.

Priced at $10.00 plus $4.95 shipping and handling!

Thermalash eyelash curlerLadies have you got dull boring eyelashes? Are you tired of pulling and tugging your eyelashes? eyelash curlers can stick and pull and really hurt,

Dale Here, with a cool new product I’m sure your going to just love! Introducing the all new ThermaLash the heated eyelash curler!

The curler uses a small silicon heating pad to gently but firmly curl your lashes into beautiful long-lasting curls. The heated pad is safe to the touch and won’t burn at all.

Simply press the activation button and the red silicon pad instantly starts heating, ThermaLash uses a special fusion heat transfer technology.

when the red pad turns white your ready to curl. Apply the ThermaLash curler to your eyelashes and in ten seconds voila! you’ve got longer beautifully curled eyelashes that last all day.

We all know that traditional eyelash curlers work by squeezing your eyelashes into a curl, sometimes taking your lashes with it. With this clever device its as easy as 1,2,3.

ThermaLash Eyelash Curler,

Get Your ThermaLash Here and Try It Yourself For $10,00Plus $4.95 S&H


Features And Benefits

  • Quick, easy and safe to use —safe to the touch & won’t burn
  • Fusion heated silicon pad gently yet firmly curls lashes
  • No pulling, tugging or sticking
  • Beautifully curled eyelashes last all day
  • 2 AA batteries included

How It Works:


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Thermalash heats your eyelashes to give them a firm natural curl. with the no tugging, sticking, or hassle. here’s a secret from a cosmetologist..

You use heat to curl your hair so why wouldn’t you do the same for your eyelashes? The ThermaLash heats your lashes to give them a firm and natural curl which stays in place.

No more tugging at stuck lashes that end up fading quickly. similar heated eyelash curlers cost upwards of forty dollars ThermaLash comes with a thirty day money-back guarantee if you don’t love it simply return it click the link below to get yours now.

ThermaLash Eyelash Curler

 Where To Buy:

This INCREDIBLE offer is not available in stores so don’t miss out! You Can buy ThermaLash Eyelash Curler Online at..

Offer Details:

Buy the ThermaLash Heated Eyelash Curler for $10 plus $4.95 shipping and handling and get a second ThermaLash curler for free. Just pay a separate $4.95 for shipping and handling. You can choose between either a set of 2 Whites or 2 Blacks. That’s a total of 2 ThermaLash curlers for $19.90.

Get Your ThermaLash Here and Try It Yourself For $10,00Plus $4.95 S&H


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