The Go Go Pillow As Seen On TV

The Go Go Pillow As Seen On TV

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go go pillow The Go Go pillow As Seen On TV is a multi function pillow, which can be used as a tablet holder, backpack and a head rest.

It is especially designed to hold different sizes of Smartphones and tablets. 

We all love tablets and Smartphones, but trying to use them while on the go is a definite hassle. This is where the Go Go pillow comes in handy.

This pillow is meant to hold your tablet firmly, while you are traveling, cooking or sitting in a place where there is a lot of motion. 

There has been numerous Go Go pillow product reviews on the net. Most of them have spoken well about the pillow.



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The pillow is made of plush polyester material which is comfortable and can be converted to a head rest or backpack, while traveling on a long distance trip.


  • Complete comfort on the move.
  • Unzip and flip to turn into a travelpillow or backpack.
  • Holds your tablet securely in place.
  • Works on any surface & fits most tablets.
  • Allows easy access to power cord and earbud sockets.


The pillow comes in 5 different colors, allowing you to choose the best color that match your tablet. You can choose the pillow, even to match the interior of your car or living room. Black, blue, grey, pink and burgundy are the common colors available right now.

You can use it on an exercise bike. In the kitchen. On your lap. In bed. Because it doesn’t need a flat surface, it’s completely stable wherever it’s placed. Our unique patented multi-slot design means your tablet is safe and secure.

Get 1 GoGo Pillow in the color of your choice for ONLY $19.95 + $9.95 (P&H). And if the savings aren’t big enough already, we’ll even throw in a GoGo Pillow of the selected color for FREE! (just pay additional $9.95 P&H).

go go pillow as seen on tv


Get Your Very Own Go Go Pillow As Seen on TV Here Click This Link 



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