The Amazing Sonic Peeler As Seen On TV

The Amazing Sonic Peeler As Seen On TV

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The Amazing Sonic Peeler As Seen On TV


sonic peelerPeeling vegetables can be difficult work. What if there was a way to shorten the amount of effort and time that you put into peeling your vegetables? The {sonic-peeler} is a great way to shorten the labor and time spent peeling vegetables. This amazing peeling machine has many great features and many benefits. Aching hands and extra time spent peeling are no longer needed with this fantastic new addition to the kitchen.

The {sonic-peeler}  is now ready to make its place in your home. It is ready to peel for you and give you results to be proud of. It is able to peel over every curve, dent, or bump in a vegetable and can work with any texture of vegetable. The thickness of the skin will not matter because the Sonic Peeler will be able to do a careful and even job. You can switch the texture of vegetable from rough to smooth and the Sonic Peeler will still get the job done right.

The Sonic Peeler as seen on TV can also make special cuts. This includes the machine being able to julienne, shave and flake. The Sonic Peeler is not just for vegetables only; it works for cutting cheese and other foods as well. The versatility of this machine is built to meet your culinary needs and cut anything to your liking. This will give you more variety in dishes and how you design your food.

The {sonic-peeler} can remove the bark from a tree limb but can also be delicate with foods requiring a delicate cut such as a nectarine. Just select the blade and use the machine as often as you would like for whatever you would like. The blades do not dull down and are extremely sharp and easy to use. The machine is safe to use and you do not have to worry about cuts and shaves that come with traditional peeling. No longer will you have to worry about sore hands, joints, or arms with the Sonic Peeler. This makes the Sonic Peeler ideal for those with arthritis or joint problems who cannot peel or use their hands for certain cutting maneuvers.

sonic peeler


  • Easy to use − no sore hands!
  • Powerful enough for tough skins and still suitable for delicate jobs
  • 3 interchangeable blades

Would you like to switch from traditional peeling to the Sonic Peeler? For a reasonable payment you will be able to get two Sonic Peelers and an extra set of blades to go with it. This will mean a revolutionary switch from constant scraping, cuts, flying pieces and time consumption to an easy, fast and safe electric buzz to remove the skin for you. The offer is not sold in stores but can be exclusively ordered from the website and shipped to your home in days.


Revolutionize your kitchen with the amazing peeling machine! The sonic peeler can also eliminate the need to use multiple knives or learn different cutting styles to prepare your meal. The Sonic Peeler is mess-free and keeps your kitchen mess-free. In traditional peeling, pieces are bound to fly anywhere even with the most careful of peeling jobs, but with the Sonic Peeler, there is more accuracy on where the skins will land. The electronic shaving with the Sonic Peeler means that there is no outward thrusting done eliminating the pieces flying away. Just aim over a receptacle and let the Sonic Peeler to the job for you every time.

Sonic Peeler™ comes complete with three blade types:

Sonic Peeler™ - Heavy Duty Blade

Heavy Duty Blade
for the toughest jobs


Sonic Peeler™ - Light Duty Blade

Light Duty Blade
for delicate peeling


Sonic Peeler™ - Julienne Blade

Julienne Blade
for shoestring slices


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 Sonic Peeler As Seen On TV
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When ordering today, you will receive the Sonic Peeler™ for just $14.95 +$6.95 P&H. We will also double your offer to include a 2nd Sonic Peeler™ for FREE, just cover the additional $6.95 P&H.

Please allow 2-6 weeks for delivery.

CA & FL residents add sales tax to your total order.


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