Strike N Set Fishing Lure Review

Strike N Set Fishing Lure Review

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Strike N Set Fishing Lure Review

Strike n SetHello everyone Dale here, and I’m back from a short break to give you another awesome review! Today we are going to find out about this cool lure called Strike N Set Fishing Lure. So what is all the talk about?

When You Go Fishing…Why is it so hard to catch that fish? It’s because the hook is not set, the hardest part of fishing is setting the hook. If you miss this you’ve lost your catch.

Well not any more Introducing the Doc Catchen’s Strike N Set Lure the world’s only lure that sets the hook for you. You just cock it, cast it, and catch it. It’s that easy. The secret behind the As Seen On TV Strike N Set is the rapid recoil chamber, when the fish hit on it, the super rapid recoil lure fires back and sets instantly bringing your catch home.


Get the Strike N Set Fishing Lure

Note This is a review, visit the official Strike N Set Website Here

  •     You’ll Catch More Fish
  •     You’ll Catch Bigger Fish
  •     You’ll Catch Fish Every time guaranteed

The fish cant spit the hook anymore cause it sets instantly, no more whipping and missing just cast it, when you feel it just reel it. Never miss another fish again.

Young, old, beginner or pro you’ll catch more fish every time you go. Have great family fishing outings

Catch Bass, Walleye, Pike, Muskie, Perch & More Top or bottom fish just can’t stop hitting these lures

How it Works

When you get this lure all you have to do is pull back the setting hook and cock it till it clicks that’s it cast it and catch your fish it’s just that easy.

Order now and you’ll get 2 Strike N’ Set lures including the Killer Crank bait and Top water Terror. You’ll also get a 107-piece fishing gear set and a tackle box to keep it all together. Valued at $60, for just $19.99 it’s a deal you can’t pass up.


Although there’s not many reviews as this is a new product well be posting more as we get them.

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Get the Strike N Set Fishing Lure

Offer Details:
When ordering the The Strike N’ Set today, you will receive 2 Strike N’ Set Lures for $10 + $7.95 S&H, plus you will receive the 108 piece Fishing Gear Package and a Tackle Box for FREE!


By clicking Process Order your credit card will be charged the amount above. Click only once.

PA, WA, CA & NV residents add sales tax to your total order. **An additional $5.00 s&h is added for items sent to Guam, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, US Virgin Islands and Alaska.
Please allow 2-6 weeks for delivery.

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Get the Strike N Set Fishing Lure

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