Stonewave Microwave Cooker Review And Facts

Stonewave Microwave Cooker Review And Facts

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tone wave microwave cookerThe stone wave microwave cooker with its unique design is used to cook food in the microwave. Usually the food you cook in the microwave is filled with lots of fat and unwanted calories.

But the stone wave microwave cooker is a uniquely designed ceramic bowl that cooks nutritious and delicious food by infusing every flavor and nutrient without all the fat.

 Every day cookers allow the nutrition to escape thus decreasing the amount of flavor in the food. But the stone wave cooker has a uniquely designed chimney that locks in the full flavor and nutrition of the food.

 Stone wave microwave cooker is easy to use and can help in the kitchen creating special gourmet foods right in your microwave in about five minutes. The secret is the uniquely shaped chimney that allows only very little steam to escape allowing the heat inside to circulate while the food is being cooked. This is great for people on the go who prefer to cook in the microwave who don’t have much time.


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 The cost of the stone wave microwave cooker is $10 plus $7.99 shipping and comes with a free gift which you will receive by paying the extra shipping fee of $6.99 for a total price of $24.98.

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Stone Wave   Ceramic Stoneware for Your Microwave

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Online only, Stone Wave Cooker is not available in stores.

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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  • A Stone Wave Cooker with the FREE five minute recipe guide
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The stone wave cooker is made to assist in healthy cooking with a nonstick base to prevent food from sticking which only facilitates healthier cooking even more. The special design infuses the steam which keeps the flavor within the bowl while cooking. The stone wave cooker is made of ceramic material which withstands high heat over long periods of time. And is dishwasher safe.

 When you’re making breakfast omelettes or desserts, healthy and gourmet cooking is what is to be expected of the stone wave microwave cooker. Anything that is cooked can be cooked without butter, fat, or oils. The beautiful traditional design of the stone wave cooker also adds an authentic appearance to the dining table as well. Whether you’re making Apple desserts or onion soups, omelettes or cheese dips it can all be done with the stone wave cooker.

 The stone wave microwave cooker has several features it can be cleaned easily as the base and all the parts of the cooker are nonstick. It’s dishwasher safe and very easy to clean. Your cooking time is slashed in half because of the unique way that the food is cooked within the product. Once you complete a meal with the stone wave cooker the food is ready and can be served right out of the cooker.


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