Silver Sonic XL As Seen On TV

Silver Sonic XL As Seen On TV

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Silver Sonic XL As Seen On TV

Bell + Howell Silver Sonic XL As Seen On TVProduct: Bell + Howell Silver Sonic XL

Company: Bell + Howell

Price: $19.95+S&H With a 60 day money back garantee

Who would buy this: People wanting to hear the game better at sporting events, theaters, or family weddings or events, nature walks, watching the kids play in the park or pool.

The Bell + Howell Silver Sonic XL has the ability to give you sonic hearing, easily amplifying sounds up to 90 feet away. Never miss out on a conversation, game or TV show ever again!

Have you ever wish you could hear sounds better? Like the game on tv or your favorite show? Well now you can
Introducing the Bell + Howell Silver Sonic XL As Seen On TV, It lets you hear sounds that other people cant, or hear conversations from clear across the room.

Small and lightweight, it looks like a wireless cell phone bluetooth so no one will know you have sonic hearing! Silver Sonic XL’s flexible ear mount easily adjusts to fit all ear shapes and sizes. Plus, the convenient volume control lets you easily control the intensity and volume of your Silver Sonic XL so you can set the level right where you want it.

The Bell + Howell Silver Sonic XL’s lightweight and size makes it easy to wear and the flexible ear piece is ajustable to fit all ear shapes and sizes. Never miss that doorbell again when your in the back yard. Youll be amazed at how clear and sharp every sound is.

Don’t miss out on a conversation ever again! The Silver Sonic Xl As Seen On TV amplifies sounds up to 90 feet away, making it easy to hear voices and sounds you may never have heard without it. Silver Sonic XL is a personal sound amplifier that provides up to 50db of sound amplification.

silver sonic as seen on tv

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Silver Sonic XL is portable, Sonic Hearing!

Hear 90 feet away!

Fully Adjustable


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Silver Sonic XL Features:

  • Small and lightweight
  • Discreet – looks like cell phone ear adapter
  • Adjustable volume control
  • Flexible and comfortable – fits left and right ear
  • 3 soft tips helps insure comfortable fit
  • Amplifies sounds up to 90 feet away!

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What people are saying about the Silver Sonic XL As Seen On TV

By Nikki
This review is from: Bell & Howell Silver Sonic XL Personal Sound Amplifier (Health and Beauty)
I bought the silver sonic aid to hearing and find it absolutely great for what I wanted, to listen to TV when people mumble or talk in accents, if that’s what you want it for, go ahead and buy it. i think it’s fantastic.

By James Woodruff (USA)
This review is from: Bell & Howell Silver Sonic XL Personal Sound Amplifier (Health and Beauty)
Bell & Howell Silver Sonic XL Personal Sound Amplifier

Bought mine a few years back at the “Big W”, about $19.99 plus tax. It is what it is, but its not a earring aid or a substitute for a good earring aid. It will increase volume while watching TV, listening to music or the radio, that’s about it. Beware of lound barking dogs, the nose will send pain to your neurotransmitters. You get what you pay for and battery life is poor, but it does work. If it breaks or you lose it, no major loss.

If you want a better listening experience, spend the money on good WIFI or Bluetooth headphones or ear buds. Want to ear people better, get a good, professionally fitted earring aid.

May the sounds be with you.

By Deffy
My $800 hearing aid was good but only for one ear at a time. Adding the Silver Sonic device surprised me with its sound quality and volume and has retuned me to stereo hearing. It seems well enough made to last for some time. I am delighted with it.

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