Shmoozee Is Your Child’s Favorite Play Friend

Shmoozee Is Your Child’s Favorite Play Friend

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Shmoozees Is Your Child’s Favorite Play Friend

Wednesday, October 18, 2017 By Dale W.

ShmoozeeHi Everyone Dale here! long time since i was more personal to my loyal as seen on TV lover audience. So i decided to change that. Today were going to talk about the Shmoozees as seen on TV. My kids came over for the weekend, i get them every other weekend and my little girl just loves stuffed animals.

Being a guy I’m not too much into that sort of thing but for my kids i make time to do what they like. Every time we go to the store we see so many different stuffed animals on the shelf hmm which one to choose? So we choose one and its always big of course and take it home, my little girl plays with it for awhile then there it sits again with the other ones not doing much no function other that looking cute. lol

But recently she told me about Shmoozees, incredible what kids know these days. She said her friend had one so i went online and found the cute little critters that glow in the dark. Well i just had to get 2 for my baby one to keep here and one to take home. I see that they can also double as earring holders. She loves them and so were all in love with them!

How Shmoozees Work

Shmoozees come in six different characters, all with glow-in-the dark ears and eyes and you can even brush their hair. Even better, you can decorate their ears with included charms or, what my Amber likes the best is earrings! Each Shmoozees can hold up to many pairs of earrings or charms which makes it easy for my little girl to help keep her jewelry organized. Plus, these animals are really unique and modern looking: They don’t look like “little kid” toys. plus they glow in the dark! how cool is that?! there round little soft furry and cute.

When you order today online, they also give you access to “Shmoozees World” that is full of fun and games. Its a website just for the kids who own a Shmoozees. There is even a special name generator program that can help your kids name their new friend.


What Characters Would You Like?

There are 6 different Shmoozees to pick from:

  • Wild Giraffe
  • Dreamy Purple
  • Pretty Pink
  • Funky Zebra
  • Twilight Black
  • Or Crazy Cool Blue


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Pros and Cons

I think that Shmoozees is a great product, but like anything, they have their pros and cons. lets talk about them here,  But, I think there still a good buy, my kids love them and I’m sure yours will also.

Things we liked

These brightly colored animals glow in the dark and add a fashionable difference to all the other stuffed animals in their room.

Shmoozees ears hold your kids jewelry or included charms: This helps keep other jewelry from getting lost.

Online “Shmoozees World” site lets the kids have more fun with their Shmoozees with games and fun you can even send to a friend.

Those who own a Shmoozees get to groom their hair and add charms or earrings to their ears plus go online for more fun.

Trade bows and charms for dressing up your Shmoozees any way you want.

There are six different Shmoozees animals to choose from, in a variety of colors, with a child favorite, Funky Zebra or Giraffe print.

Things we did not like

The glow-in-the dark feature is fun, but not a substitute for a night light.

The Shmoozees is not for younger children and could pose a choking hazard from the charms or earrings attached to the ears.

Where to Buy

Like most of these As Seen On TV products, the best place to get your Shmoozees is going to be at the official website where you can read and order in confidence that your information is secure and verified by

When ordering today, you will receive one Shmoozees Character for just $19.99 + $8.99 S&H, and receive your choice of a second Shmoozees 100% FREE! This allows you to save some bucks if you’re buying for several different kids. Or if you only have 1 girl, she can can give the other away to her friend as a gift!

Features and Benefits

Shmoozees are squeezably soft… and so glamorous. You can even add your own jewelry to their ear resistible ears. Glam em up with Ear Resistible charms that pop or turn them into fluffy fashionable icons! AND when you turn out the lights your Shmoozees will glow-in-the-dark!

Final Recommendation

If you have a little girl that’s not yet a teenager or need the perfect gift for a girl, Shmoozees are really cool and the girls love them. They are cute cuddly and soft critters that glow in the dark so your child wont be alone in the dark. Their hip and cool with bright colors and cute smiles.

and are a good way of storing jewelry like the included charms or earrings  They are inexpensive too, so you don’t have to worry about paying too much, plus you get the buy one get one free offer. 

If you should have any questions about ordering or a question about this product, please feel free to contact Customer Service with the information provided below.

Thank You for reading our review of Shmoozees furry stuffed critters here at we only care about our loyal customers and our goal is to maintain the high traffic and excellent recognition we have achieved. We hope you have enjoyed your visit, please come back anytime!


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Get Your Own Shmoozees Here!

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