Press Dough Cookie Maker, The Best Cookie Dough Creations

Press Dough Cookie Maker, The Best Cookie Dough Creations

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Press Dough Cookie Maker, The Best Cookie Dough Creations

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press dough halloween Cookie Dough Creations you ever seen.

Ok first let’s examine what this thing is and how it works. What’s crazy, funny, and makes cookies super yummy? Introducing, the Press Dough Cookie Maker! Now you can eat all the fun you make.

Press Dough is sqweezy, squishy, fun just like the play dough maker except this one’s for real cookie dough. Just fill the press dough press with cookie dough, pick your pattern and press dough the dough presses out in crazy ways of the pattern of the best Cookie Dough Creations you choose.

Make stars, cars, elephants, wacky waves, crazy rolls, just press create bake and eat your very own creation heck make a whole zoo! Use the silly shaper to make more fun and decorations.

Great for the holidays make Christmas tree cookies, Halloween pumpkins, 4th of July stars, and many more. it’s the best cookie dough creations and you can use store bought dough or make your own. The Press Dough Cookie Maker Is made of strong plastic and is dishwasher safe. Comes with cool fun decorating applicator.

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Features of the Press Dough Cookie Maker:

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  • Make fun, edible art
  • Molds and patterns for making animals, shapes and more
  • Use store bought dough or make your own
  • Plus the Press Dough!™ Quick Start Guide
  • Pieces are dishwasher safe so clean up is a breeze
  • Buy one get One Free


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You Get 70 Pieces in all

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  • 2 Cookie Presses
  • 24 Cookie Patterns
  • 24 Cookie Molds
  • Frosting Tips
  • 4 Cookie Shapers
  • Flour Shakers
  • 2 Spatulas
  • 2 Rolling Pins
  • 2 Cutting Wheels
PLUS: Instruction Book & Quick Start Guide
* Dough NOT included.




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Best Cookie Dough Creations

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 What you will get in each box of Press Dough Cookie Maker…


Each box contains 1 cookie press, 12 cooking patterns, 12 cooking molds, 2 cookie shapers, 4 frosting tips, 1 flour shaker, 1 spatula, 1 rolling pin and 1 cutting wheel. Now, remember to double the amount of each cookie making item since you’ll be receiving 2 full sets with each purchase. A well detailed instruction book and decorating guide are also included in the package.

Well we come to the end of the Press Dough Cookie Maker


I would say that the Press Dough Cookie Dough Creations Cookie Maker is an excellent buy and is perfect for kids who love crafting and shaping and making things. I think it also teaches your children the beautiful things about art and creation, just like our play dough fun factories when we were kids… at least this play dough you can eat!


Your children will have a satisfyingly fun time creating a wide variety of cool shaped cookies, and what’s even more satisfying is that those cookies taste pretty good too! It doesn’t cost a lot and that’s a huge plus for me and I’m sure for a lot of other parents out there as well.

Where to get the Press Dough Cookie Maker:

This is only a review, but you can Click Here or any buy button on this page to order yours or to read more about it.


When you order Press Dough Cookie Maker, you will receive the cookie press, 12 pattern slides, 2 cookie shapers + 12 molds, 4 frosting tips, a flour shaker, spatula, rolling pin, cutting wheel plus Instruction Book & Quick Start Guide – that’s over 35 items for just $19.99 + $8.99 S&H. But that’s not all – with this special offer we will double the entire order for FREE! That is 70 items! Must be 18 years old to order the Cookie Dough Creations Cookie Maker.

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