Perfect Pie Cutter As Seen on TV

Perfect Pie Cutter As Seen on TV

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perfect pie cutter as seen on tvAre you tired of crumbly pie that never comes out right when you slice it? Always uneven every time you slice it? When you serve it you always have uneven pieces and some people even say hey, why is my piece so small?

You bake the perfect pie every time but it always crumbles every time you serve it. Well say goodbye to those cutting headaches, introducing the Perfect Pie Cutter As Seen on TV. This is the same pie cutter used by hundreds of famous restaurants across the country.

Just place the perfect pie cutter in the middle of your pie, press down evenly and the perfect pie cutters angled blades cuts your pie into perfect slices. With the Perfect Pie Cutter As Seen on TV you get perfect slices every time!


Features and benefits:

  • Dishwasher Safe.
  • Seals Edges so Your Pie Remains Fresh until Served.
  • Get Perfect Slices Every Time.
  • Pie with Cutter inside Stores Easily.
  • Serve the Perfect Slice with Any Pie.
  • Durable.
  • Bonus: 8 PC. Perfect Pie Cutter (just pay separate processing fee).

When you cover your pie with wrap and go to uncover it to get a piece aren’t you tired of the topping coming off when you remove the covering? Well just place the plastic wrap over the Perfect Pie Cutter and it won’t touch your topping or or ruin your pie.

Now you can have the famous secrets the restaurants use in your own home. And get that perfect slice every time. You can also keep your pies from running or drying up by leaving the perfect pie cutter in your pie and the blade seals the edges to keep your pie fresh.

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