Perfect Brownie Review – As Seen On TV

Perfect Brownie Review – As Seen On TV

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Perfect Brownie Review – As Seen On TV

perfect brownie panHello everyone welcome to my Perfect Brownie Review, the Perfect Brownie Pan is another As Seen On TV product which claims to be the greatest thing for making perfect brownies well, in this case, the greatest thing in making, baking, slicing and serving all without sticking to the pan because that’s essentially what the perfect brownie pan does.

So let’s look at some stats for this brownie pan

Name: Perfect Brownie

Customer Reviews: [Rating:5/5] All excellent customer reviews

Easy To Clean:[Rating:4/5]- Dishwasher safe

Price: [Rating:4/5]- 19.95 + P&H

Support: [Rating:5/5]- Got through to customer support, the 800 number works!

Bonus: [Rating:4/5] – Buy one get one free just pay separate Postage and Handling

Company: [Rating:5/5]- Company is legit and reside here Perfect Brownie
P.O. Box 3179
Wallingford, CT 06494

Customer Service:[Rating:5/5]- 800 Number is active and really works

Guarantee: [Rating:4/5]- 30-DAYS MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. (Less  p&h).


==>Click Here To Visit The Official Perfect Brownie Website<==

Cost: $19.95 + P&H

Bonus: When you buy 1 Perfect Brownie Pan You get 1 free. When you place your order today, you will receive 2 Perfect Brownie Pans with Divider and Rack, 2 gooey recipe guides,

You Get: 2 Perfect Brownie Pans with Divider and Rack (11″X7″ pan- makes 18 brownies) Set of 20 Stencils and 2 Recipe Guides for just $19.95 + $7.95 P&H per set ($15.90 total)

Note: This is a review, go here to visit they official website of the Prefect Brownie Pan

With the amazing Perfect Brownie Pan you can get perfectly baked brownies every time.

It is simple and easy to use. You just mix up your favorite brownie mix then pour the batter into the pan and then place the divider in before baking.

The perfect brownie pan is the non-stick way to bake, slice and serve brownies in a simple easy fashion.  All you really have to do is pour in your batter, insert the divider and bake. Then you’ll get 18 sliced brownies ready to eat.  The secret is the non-stick coating and I must say it works very well.

Plus it also cooks each piece separately so they are flaky and crispy on the outside while rich and gooey on the inside.

The non-stick divider and pan also makes clean up a breeze.  Its dishwasher safe and with the patented nonstick coating, Even melted marshmallow treats won’t stick.

The rack aids in cooling and removal, giving you perfect brownies that you and your family will love.

The Perfect Brownie Pan cooks each individual piece separately and really does allow you to bake better brownies. The idea is to slice them before they are baked by creating little compartments in your baking pan. Each brownie now has its own baked edges which I love and I’m sure you do too.

The Perfect Brownie Pan makes 18 perfect brownies all the same size, each one cut perfect. One advantage of the Perfect Brownie Pan is the way it comes apart.  The bottom and sides separate so when you place the pan on the special rack,

The sides and bottom part way leaving your sliced brownies looking great and easily accessible.  It’s really a smart serving idea and the whole thing then pops into the dishwasher for easy cleaning.  You won’t have to scrub because of the non-stick surface. Simply perfect.

Let’s Watch the Video to See More


  • The world’s first bake, slice and serve brownie maker
  • Bakes perfect brownies every time
  • Patented nonstick coating for easy separation
  • Steps to perfect brownies
  • 1 – Pour in your favorite batter
  • 2- Insert the patented divider
  • 3- Bake
  • Bottom and side separate for easy serving
  • Make other treats as well
  • 20 decorative stencils for fun


  • Easy clean up
  • 18 perfect brownies every time
  • Pre sliced and ready to serve
  • Not just for brownies, use for other treats as well
  • Each brownie is cooked with its own edges that everybody loves
  • Ease of use, if you can make ice you can make perfect brownies with this pan

==>Click Here To Visit The Official Perfect Brownie Website<==

How It Works:

In my Prefect Brownie Review we will talk about the way this pan works and try it out for ourselves. After reading the instructions,

Per The Instructions:

There’s a couple things the instructions ask you to do to prevent any leakage.  First of all preheat the brownie pan itself for five minutes in the oven without anything in it while preparing the batter.  Then when you go to bake everything place it on another non-stick cookie sheet to prevent any mess from getting into the oven in case of leaks, although when i used it, it didn’t leak at all.

Generously coat the pan with non-stick cooking spray as per the instructions and pour the batter into the pan.  Spray the divider with non-stick spray as well before inserting it into the mixture, Bake as instructed for a 11×7 pan approximately twenty five minutes.

The patented nonstick Perfect Brownie Pan works perfect every time. the fact that it comes with this rack with the hole in the bottom, you should just be able to place it on the top of this rack, slide it down, and get ready to enjoy the perfect brownie.

Where to Buy:

You can get the Perfect Brownie Pan By going to the official Perfect Brownie Website from here

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Check out this cool brownie recipe and review Video!

Special offer: When you place your order today, you will receive 2 Perfect Brownie Pans with Divider and Rack (11″X7″ pan- makes 18 brownies) Set of 20 Stencils and 2 Recipe Guides for just $19.95 + $7.95 P&H per set ($15.90 total shipping and Handling)

Last Word:

There were no leaks on the cookie sheet afterwards, so no mess to clean up after cooking.  It looks like the Perfect Brownie Pan Set cooks excellent brownies and gets thumbs up from me. I really enjoyed using the Perfect Brownie to bake brownies.  You may get similar results using a standard non-stick pan, but this really made the serving part easy.

I’ve baked brownies in the past, and it’s almost impossible to get the perfect slices without scratching the bottom of the pan or getting crumbs everywhere or just plain tearing the brownie up!  This was really simple to not only slice the brownies, but also to serve the brownies.  And the effort needed to clean up afterwards was minimal.

I hope you’ve liked my Perfect Brownie Pan Review and will help you in your buying decision, every single review I’ve read were all giving this product a thumbs up not only for ease of use but also delivering what it states and with no leaking what so ever.

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Thank You,


Offer Details:
When you place your order today, you will receive 2 Perfect Brownie Pans with Divider and Rack (11″X7″ pan- makes 18 brownies) Set of 20 Stencils and 2 Recipe Guides for just $19.95 + $7.95 P&H per set ($15.90 total)

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