Packit As Seen On TV

Packit As Seen On TV

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Packit As Seen On TV

Packit As Seen On TVMoms all over the world are in love with PackIT As Seen On TV. It is the ultimate way to pack food and keep it fresh all day long. PackIT is a revolutionary technology that has its own built in cooling system.

It is the perfect bag to pack for long trips, school lunches and picnics in the park. Save money by packing lunches from home and taking them to work. There is no need to pack a cooler filled with ice to keep foods fresh and drinks cold. Gel ice packs only last for a couple of hours and then they have to be placed back in the freezer again.

The PackIT  Lunch Box is great for keeping kids lunches fresh and cool until lunch time. Food stays cold for up to 10 hours without refrigeration. Travelers can enjoy a nice fresh lunch without dragging along a ice filled chest.

Great for taking along to baseball games, football games, basketball games and other sporting events. Why pay for food at a concession stand when food can be packed and brought from home.

Packit As Seen On TV

Packit As Seen On TV

There is no need to pack a separate bag for the baby bottle. PackIT will keep it cool and ready to use when the time comes. No more sour bottles, yuck! There are a hundred reasons why these Insulated Lunch Bags work and why thousands of moms and dads cannot live without it.


  • Comes in several popular colors
  • Keeps foods and baby bottles fresh
  • Perfect for packing lunches for kids
  • Great traveling companion for keeping food fresh during long trips
  • Comes with 2 containers, 1 spill proof drinking bottle and a meal planner
  • only available online
  • Has built in cooling technology
  • no ice packs gel bags needed
  • Great to take along on picnics
  • Revolutionary cooling technology
  • Bye-bye ice gel packs that only last for 2 hours. The bag is your icepack, and it stays cold for up to 10 hours. Easy!
  • A money saving solution
  • Now it’s easy to bring a satisfying, delicious lunch from home, and save hundreds of dollars every year.
  • Healthy, fresh food anywhere
  • PackIt’s not just for lunches. Use it for baby bottles, sports events, travel… anywhere you need to keep items cold.
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Reasons To Buy:

  1. Moms Love it
  2. Kids Love it
  3. Dads Love it
  4. Everyone Loves Packit
  5. Saves Time
  6. Keeps Everything Cold For Up to 10 Hours
  7. Free Bonus Items
  8. As Seen  On Martha Stewart Show
What people Are Saying:

One happy customer stated he wished the  PackIt Lunch Bag was larger. He stated that although the bag is small it does have multiple compartments for keeping food. He loves the fact that this bag keeps his breakfast and lunch cold and he does not have to purchase any ice packs. He stated that he accidentally left his lunch out of the fridge for more than 7 hours but PackIT kept it fresh until it was ready to use.

Another customer stated that her pack kept her food cold for 8 ½ hours. However, she was happy with her PackIT but she still had some minor complaints. Another customer stated that the bag is great and works just fine, and yet another customer is not happy with his bag at all.

The reviews are a mixture of likes and dislikes about the PackIT bag. Millions of people who the PackIT because it fits into their everyday life style. Moms use it to pack their kids lunch for school and home. Adults pack their lunches and take it with them until it is time to eat and daycare’s use them to pack infant bottles when the center plan a trip away from the center. What is there not to love about the amazing PackIT As Seen On TV.

You Get All This

pack it


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When ordering today, you will receive the PackIt® in your choice of three styles for just $19.95 +$11.90 P&H, you will also receive a second PackIt® in your choice of colors for FREE, just cover the additional $4.95 P&H.

Sales Tax May Apply
Please allow 10-15 days for delivery.

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