My Little Pie Maker As Seen On TV

My Little Pie Maker As Seen On TV

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My Little Pie Maker As Seen On TV

 My Little Pie Maker As Seen On TVHey everyone Dale here with a product that makes pie just the right size for you! The fast delicious way to make and bake mini pies.

My Little Pie Maker As Seen on TV is an excellent way to make small portions of the pie you love most. Everyone loves to sink their teeth into a sweet tasting dessert after dinner, whether it is a snack cake, ice cream or some other sugary treat.

Now desserts can be made from home in no time at all. Forget about going to the corner bakery and spending hundreds of dollars on homemade pies when you can create your own for only pennies on the dollar. Be the first one in your family to order a My Little Pie Maker.

Bake apple, peach, cherry, or mixed fruit pies using your own recipes or use one of your family’s old recipes from long ago. Make up to four individuals pies at once. Make a different pie for each family member or better yet make several sampler batches. Having a party and need some quick treats? No problem, just whip up a few batches and these pies and everyone at the party will fall in love with you. Bake 4 pies in 10 minutes or 24 pies in an hour.

When party time is over use the little pie makers to create other tasty dishes like mini pot pies, quiches and more. Pies come out perfect every time.

My Little Pie Maker As Seen On TV

Product Specifications:

  • • Comes with the Little Pie Maker
  • • Pie cutter included
  • • Spatula
  • • Instructions enclosed
  • • Recipe guide accompany each order
  • • Order one get one free
  • • Make more than pies
  • • Great for holidays and birthdays

Reasons To Buy

  • Their the perfect size
  • Make more than just pies
  • Free 2 for 1 offer
  • Bakes in just minutes
  • Very affordable
Customer Reviews:

Millions of parents and satisfied customers have saved hundreds of dollars on desserts. During holidays and birthdays parents and other family members spend too much money at the bakery shop buying sweets, pies, and cakes. With My Little Pie Maker As Seen On TV families can enjoy tasty treats and save money at the same time.

Parents can fix their child strawberry pies, apple pies and other desserts for lunch. Add a touch of spice to every pie such as cinnamon, lemon juice, whip cream and more. Use the little pop up trays with non stick surfaces to ensure that each pie comes out perfectly each time.

There is no limit on the kind of dishes you can create using My Little Pie Maker As Seen On TV. Make pies for PTA, school meetings, social outings, family reunions, anniversaries, retirement dinners, and graduations. Whatever the occasion may be My Little Pie Maker is there to lend a helping hand. No more spending money for home made pies when you can bake your own.

It is compact and easy to use. Top with a variety of toppings including candy, sprinkles, nuts and more. Guests will envy you and your children will adore you. Give one to a friend and let them see how you have been making great tasting treats for your family. Make pies using the recipes that come with the kit or create your own from scratch. Enjoy being the hero in the family get your own personal My Little Pie Maker As Seen On TV today and start baking.


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Offer Details
When ordering today, you will receive the My Lil Pie Maker for just $10.99 + $7.95 P&H. Your order includes the Pie Maker, Bonus Spatula, Bonus Pie Cutter and the Instruction/Recipe guide for Free! Plus, we will send you another My Lil Pie Maker Set, including the Bonus Spatula, Bonus Pie Cutter and the Instruction/Recipe for Free, just pay the additional $7.95 P&H.

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