Muhammad Ali $2 Bill

Muhammad Ali $2 Bill

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Muhammad Ali $2 Bill

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Muhammad Ali $2 BillImagine owning a Muhammad Ali 2 Dollar Bill. “Float like a bumble sting like a bee you can’t catch me I’m Muhammad Ali”.

Millions of fans remember the loud mouth champion with the witty charisma and confident disposition. He was the greatest boxing phenomenon the world had ever seen. Today he is still recognized as being a legendary athlete. He is best remembered for his fancy foot work and speed. He captured the hearts of millions with his quick powerful punches and his witty sense of humor.

Today America honors a legend with a legalized tender; a full color personalized 2 dollar bill. There are only 25,000 of these bills in the world. This is not nearly enough to pass along to the millions of fans who remembers and wants to own a part of history.

It is a limited commemorative edition; which means that their will not be any more of these bills going to the print. Each bill comes with an official seal courtesy of the United States Treasury Department. It also comes in a protective portfolio to keep the legal tender paper looking new for many years to come. On the front of each bill is a vibrant color picture of the champion himself, Muhammad Ali.

Relive history and celebrate the life of a real championship boxer. Give the children and grandchildren something tangible to remember

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