Magic Tap As Seen On TV

Magic Tap As Seen On TV

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Magic Tap As Seen On TV

Magic Tap As Seen On TVHi, Dale here, thanks for reading this review of Magic Tap As Seen On TV

Magic Tap as Seen on TV is the answer for parents with busy children or who themselves may be accident prone. For centuries parents have been cleaning up milk, juice and water spills. This can be tiring and exhausting to say the least. Although, accidents do happen, with children in the house they seem to happen more often.

Thanks to Magic Tap those days of mopping up liquid spills are gone forever. It is a revolutionary tap top that attaches to the opening of jugs and bottles.

Once it is attached there is nothing else to do. Children can help themselves to milk, juice, Kool aid or any other drink without spilling a drop. It is battery operated and easy to use.

The universal cap eliminates the need to lift heavy gallon size jugs. Imagine the strain of lifting and pouring milk or juice all day. This is bad on the risk and on the arms. Just place the glass under the nozzle and the liquid practically dispenses itself without any help. In three simple steps parents can enjoy a safe spill proof home once again.

Just insert the amazing supersize straw into the container, adjust the wings around the opening of the container
and use a cup or glass to press the trigger. This is all there is to do to start enjoying cold beverages this summer
without pouring it from the jug. Do not just buy one but buy several and keep one at the office.

Picnics, beach parties and birthday celebrations are popular all year round. Someone is always dropping a jug a
juice and resents the mess they have to clean up. So, why let a little spilled milk spoil the party when The Magic
Tap is in the house. Guests and children alike can spend more time drinking and having fun and less time
cleaning up messy spills.

Product Specifications

  • • Easy to use; nothing to assemble
  • • Eliminates lifting heavy container of liquids
  • • Perfect for parties or for using at home
  • • Compact and easy to carry
  • • Battered powered and operated
  • • Universal cap will fit most jugs and containers
  • • No more messes to clean up (spill and leak free)
  • • Can order online and get one free at participating online retailers

Magic Tap As Seen On TV

Some Pros

I love this product its great for kids as well as adults. It’s just easier and less messy than taking the entire bottle or jug out of the fridge and I love any product that makes life a bit more conveninent.

Some Cons

 It does require a couple of AA batteries but they seem to last a while so you won’t constantly need to replace them. Also, it is not dishwasher safe but cleaning it isn’t too bad.


Customer Reviews

Parents everywhere are falling in love with Magic Tap. It is the ultimate solution for eliminating spills. Busy
parents do not always have time to pour their impatient children drinks throughout the day. Children take it upon
themselves to pour their own drinks and in the process they make a horrific mess.

With the universal Magic Tap Drink Dispenser lifting and pouring liquids is as simple as placing the cup under the opening and
pressing the trigger. How come no one thought of this idea before? Who knows but thankfully someone thought
of how easy it is for children and elderly adults to pour their own drinks without waiting for someone to help
them. Get the universal Magic Tap Fountain today and see how easy it is to sit back and relax and forget about cleaning up
messy spills.


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Reasons To Buy

Order The Magic Tap® Drink Dispenser; Now!


How To Use

  • 1. Insert

    Insert the super straw into your beverage container

  • 2. Adjust

    Adjust the silicone wings over the opening

3. Press

Press the glass to the trigger and enjoy

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Offer Details:
When ordering today, you will receive the Magic Tap® Drink Dispenser for just $19.99 +$8.99 S&H, and we will include a second Magic Tap® Drink Dispenser 100% Free! You can also add additional Magic Tap® Drink Dispensers for our very special pricing.

Sales Tax applies for CA & OH 30-Day Money back Guarantee (less S&H).

Please allow 2-6 weeks for delivery
Please allow 24 to 48 hours for customer service to have information on your order.

Taxable States: CA & OH


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