LifeStrength the Vitamin You Wear Review

LifeStrength the Vitamin You Wear Review

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LifeStrength the Vitamin You Wear Review

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LifeStrength the Vitamin You Wear ReviewLifeStrength the vitamin you wear is an ion bracelet designed to reduce pain and restore the body’s natural energy state. Using ancient yin-yang principles, the bracelet produces a balancing effect by the interactions between the positive and negative ions. This helps to produce a balanced natural state in the body, warm the feet and hands, provide greater focus and allow for faster recovery from physical activities.

Working with your individual body,  LifeStrength the vitamin you wear bracelet once put on becomes a part of you by interacting with your specific body chemistry and provides benefits that are specific to you and your physical condition. Many professional athletes as well as thousands of regular people have found significant relief when using an ion based therapy bracelet.

The LIfeStrength bracelet helps to restore your body to a natural state of health quickly. The anions produced by this bracelet help to counteract the daily stresses that come our way through electrical waves, environmental changes and physical activity. Anions help to increase the flow of oxygen to your brain and help you to rest better at night allowing you to have a better tomorrow. LifeStrength uses minerals and anion producers that no other ion bracelet producer uses; these allow us produce stronger ion fields and provide greater benefits for a longer period of time. Every bracelet produced has a 25 times greater effect on negative ions and is designed for even the harshest of environments. Anions can be metabolized through either inhalation or absorption through the skin and the LifeStrength anions are absorbed through your skin.


Features and Benefits

  • Ion Infused Silicone for long lasting wear under any conditions
  • Water proof and completely reversible
  • Available in multiple sizes and colors (Black, Gray, White, Hot Pink and Turquoise) Sizes XS to XL
  • Increases oxygen flow to the brain
  • Neutralizes harmful free radicals in the blood stream
  • Aids in pain and stress relief
  • Produces a more natural state to boost your sleep patterns

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Through our exclusive Syionic90 engineering process, LIFESTRENGTH™ products incorporate health sustaining minerals into comfortable wearable items. These minerals naturally counter electrical interference from modern hi-tech devices and buildings while also working to neutralize the harmful effects of pollutants that accumulate within sealed indoor environments.



LIFESTRENGTH™ provides a mental edge to compete in the game of Life. Whether you skateboard, play football, are a triathlon athlete or a savvy business professional, LIFESTRENGTH™ gives you that mental edge.



Our modern world provides great convenience and security, but the same devices and structures we rely on are impacting our health. We are constantly exposed to the influence of electromagnetic signals, from the cell phones we carry to the wiring in our homes, this is not natural and our bodies feel it. At the same time our indoor environments are sealed so tight for energy efficiency that they lose the ability to “breathe” or refresh themselves on a natural level.

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Customer Reviews:

One professional golfer continues to wear his bracelet after a devastating wrist injury and after using an ion bracelet was able to come back and win an Open Championship.

Another athlete wore his ion bracelet during his 3 successive Olympic rowing performances that provided him with 3 gold medals.

Another user from California admitted that she was a skeptic to begin with however, after wearing it consistently for two weeks, my friends began to mention how much better I seemed and that my attitude had definitely changed for the better. No longer are there miserable headaches and after taking it off for just one day, the dopey, draggy feeling returned. It was weird.

A dancer refused to believe that the LifeStrength the vitamin you wear could work but began wearing it during a 2 week holiday break. On coming back to practice she found an increase in flexibility and realized that because of all the negative ions in our technology filled world that it will help you regardless of your sport or occupation.

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Offer Details:

When ordering today, you will receive a LifeStrength™ Wristband from the Edge Series, in the size of your choice in black, gray, turquoise, white or pink, infused with the 7 active health sustaining minerals for just $24.95 plus $7.95 Shipping and Handling. As a special bonus, we will double your offer to include a second LifeStrength™ Wristband for FREE, just pay the $7.95 additional S&H.

Sales tax is applied to Utah orders.

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee (minus S&H).

Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery. (Most orders ship within 1-2 business days from when the order is placed. LifeStrength™ will notify you via email when your order has shipped.)

Canadian S&H is $9.95.

Sizing Chart


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I have an inner ear imbalance problem and with this I’m able to go out much more and not be in fear of falling or tripping along. Not having to take prescription medicine for my knee pain anymore is also wonderful. You couldn’t imagine how thankful I am for this.
– Rusty D.


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Great product – helps me now sleep easier and started to give me more top end performance, I would recommend these to anyone.
– Michael G.


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It’s been a week and I have noticed better performance in the gym. A nagging yearlong forearm injury has lessened in discomfort dramatically just this first week, actually pushing more weight.
– Joel Mitchell

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How It Works

LifeStrength™ products emit a high level of “Anions”. Anions are also known as negative ions. Anions are naturally occurring, charged molecules that are constantly circulating in the environment around us. Anions are found abundantly in certain environments like waterfalls, beaches and forests. Anions can be absorbed through our skin or inhaled. The anions emitted from LifeStrength products are absorbed through the skin. Because the anions behind our Ion Health Technology are actively being absorbed through the skin the lifecycle of LifeStrength™ products 5 years. However, the optimal performance of the LifeStrength™ technology is 3-4 years.

How Anions Affect Our Health




$24.95 plus $7.95 Shipping and Handling. As a special bonus, we will double your offer to include a second LifeStrength™ Wristband for FREE, just pay the $7.95 additional S&H.

Where To Buy

Get Your Very Own LifeStrength Vitamin that You Wear Here!


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 LifeStrength the vitamin you wear 

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