Learn About the Slide Board Workout

Learn About the Slide Board Workout

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Learn About the Slide Board Workout

Obsidian Slide WorkoutIf you want to be in great shape and burn calories with ease, it is time to reinvent your home workout routine. You can learn about a fun new fitness program that offers fast result in a simple way.

All you need to do is put the Obsidian slide board on a hard and flat surface. You can use carpet, tile, or hardwood, and then wear the custom made Obsidian Fitness Booties. You will enjoy doing the Slide Board Workout.

This slide board is almost frictionless and it helps with giving you the best results possible with low impact exercises. You will enjoy how sophisticated its design is and how strong it is too. The workouts will help you get toned abs and obliques, leans legs, a firm and lifted behind, and a tone upper body.


  • Shave inches off your body, develop rock hard abs, and blast fat away for good!
  • 3 DVDs feature more than 100 exercises.
  • 30 minute DVD workouts
  • Side-to-side movement engages muscles quickly taking your body to peak performance.
  • Obsidian fitness board creates a virtually frictionless surface that delivers extreme results with low impact.

Obsidian Slide Board Workout

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The slide board was made to stay smooth. It has a special grip that works well on any type of surface. You can adjust the board from starter level to expert level. This board is easy to carry around with you wherever you go and you can store it easily too thanks to a custom bracket that will allow you to hang it on the back of a door.

The Slide Board Workout is different than other exercise routines. It does not work out the same muscles as other routines and it will give you different results. One of the secrets that this program offers is that it targets muscles that most other fitness routines do not have an impact on. The frictionless board surface allows the movement to lower stress from other types of exercises like running.

Obsidian Fitness works on the core of the body and helps to speed up the metabolism. This home workout routine helps you to work all of your muscles and helps you burn fat even after the workout. The after burn helps to give you fast and incredible results. You can enjoy adding a bit of fun into your exercise program with Air Guitar and bringing Obsidian Fitness into your life.

Trial Offer – $14.99 + $19.95 S&H, then 4 monthly payments of $39.95
1 easy payment of $159.80 + $19.95 S&H

Includes: Obsidian Board, 2 Obsidian Booties, 2 Obsidian Mitts, and 3 Workout DVDs
30-day trial offer followed by 4 monthly payments of $39.95

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