Justice Coin 9-11 Review, Thank You SEAL Team 6

Justice Coin 9-11 Review, Thank You SEAL Team 6

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Justice Coin 9-11 Review, Thank You SEAL Team 6

justice coin 9-11Hey guys Dale here and im here to touch your hearts with this beautiful  rare commemorative symbol of just how precious freedom is with this one in a lifetime offer paying tribute to the Navy SEALS  who carried out Operation Geronimo, SEAL Team 6. with this Justice Coin 9-11 Review

The Historic Coin Mint proudly, but humbly brings the Justice Coin 9-11 to remember all the damage that was done to this country and untold families on September 11, 2001. Thousands of lives were changed forever on that fateful day. Heroes from all over the city of New York rushed in to protect the people in those buildings and they lost their lives.

President George Bush made a promise to those responsible. He said, “That soon they would hear from us! He continued to tell the world, “Whether we bring enemies to justice or justice to our enemies, Justice Will Be Done!” In the years that have passed 6200 soldiers have died to protect what we hold so dear and on May 1, 2011, 79 members of SEAL Team 6 brought justice to the mastermind of that strike on the United States. President Barack Obama told the world, “Justice Has Been Done!”

On one side the tribute to the Navy SEALS who carried out the heroic mission, Operation Geronimo featuring the courageous SEAL team and their secret stealth helicopter, on the other side the tragic reminders, the World Trade Center, The Pentagon,  Flight 93, and also our symbol of freedom the American Flag.

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The Justice Coin 9-11 commemorates the lives and deaths of the dedicated people who sought this particular justice for us. The Historic Coin Mint has brought this together in a 24-karat gold coin and in a twin pure silver coin. With the quotes of both Presidents in bold relief on one side and a depiction of the SEALs that carried out the raid on the other this coin is sure to grab a place of honor in your home and collection of the justice has been done silver coin

Striking detail on both sides of the coin and a brilliant mirror finish makes these coins stand out just like the heroes they commemorate. These SEALs did not forget the job was not over and just a few short months later almost half of those faithful servants of ours were killed in the continuing battle for your freedom. This coin when on your shelf, in your collection or in your pocket will remind you daily of the sacrifices that men and women make every day to keep this country free.

Justice Coin 9-11 Features and Benefits:

  •     Remembers the accomplishments and sacrifices of SEAL Team 6
  •     2 Acrylic Cases Included
  •     A copy of the SEAL Creed and 2 Certificates of Authenticity
  •     24 karat layered gold
  •     Pure layered silver
  •     Striking Bas Relief with a brilliant mirror finish
  •     Free Bonuses * $79.00 Value
  •     Military Briefing Pack (Photos, Maps, And Operational Details)
  •     Gold Lapel Pin
  •     Total Value $260.00
  •     30 Day Inspection Period

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Customer Reviews:

One recent purchaser wrote to say that the coins made him cry when he opened the package and held them in his hand for the first time. “I just can’t believe the emotion that these coins brought out of me.” Thinking you are tough will not help you. The emotions of that day will come back to you, all the fear, all the anger and all the pride. As you read the inscriptions on these coins and feel the weight and detail of the design, you will once again feel what it means to be American.

American born and bred. That is what I feel and it is why I bought a set of these for the 4 soldiers that I know. It took some time to get them but when they arrived I could feel the power of the entire United States coming from the package. These coins are beautiful and are a great addition to my home. I put the Justice Coin 9-11 on the mantel next to the flag that draped my father’s casket. I can’t say anymore.


Offer Details:

With this special TV offer, you’ll receive 1 Silver Layered Justice Coin and 1 Gold Layered Justice Coin, 2 Acrylic Capsules, 2 Certificates of Authenticity AND the U.S. Navy SEAL Creed for ONLY $19.95 plus $7.95 S&P. But WAIT – we’ll also include the military briefing packet and gold lapel pin for FREE, just pay separate $9.95 shipping and processing fee. An incredible value!

This product is covered by a 30 day money back guarantee, less S&P. For customer service, please call 888-666-2294 Monday through Friday from 8am to 8pm EST or Saturday from 8am to 5pm. Sales tax will be added to orders from KY and NV.

AK, HI, PR, GU and VI orders please add $4.00 S&P surcharge. Canada orders please add $7.00 S&P surcharge.

Click Here To Visit The Official Website And Get Your Justice Coin 9-11 while supplies last!

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Last Word:

I know as well as you the tragic events that happen that day on Sept, 11 2001 why not pay tribute the great heroes who brought justice to our nation and gave peace to those who have suffered through 10 years of waiting and praying for justice. All of us can now say Justice Has Been Done! Thank You SEAL team 6, God Bless you, and God bless America.




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