Introducing The Smart Touch Automatic Can Opener

Introducing The Smart Touch Automatic Can Opener

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smart touch can opener

Lou Lentine inventor and TV personality has teamed up with a UK engineer Alex, and have come up with the world’s best hand can, bottle, and jar opener. introducing the Smart touch, the fastest easiest way to open a can.

Smart Touch is the best way to open a jar, bottle and can with no mess. Only place on the can, push the button and away it goes! Regular can openers need twisting and turning, and are nearly impossible for people with arthritis and pain.

Using the Smart Touch, twist off even the hardest bottle caps effortlessly, as well as the unique handle design gives you all of the leverage you’ll need.


Smart Touch fits easily in any kitchen, preserving counter space.

Say goodbye to your old manual can openers now there are thing of the past. The Smart touch doesn’t leave sharp edges like regular can openers either. It cuts smoothly and safely every time. The uniquely designed blade clamps down on the lid from the side leaving behind a surface so smooth it won’t even pop a balloon.


Features And Benefits: 

  • Safe & easy to use
  • Opens cans of all shapes & sizes
  • Stainless steel blade is detachable and dishwasher safe
  • Unique handle opens pop tops, bottles and jars
  • Compact, fits in any drawer
  • Leaves a smooth edge for safety

And with the strong magnetic contact point the lid never falls into the can, all you do is toss it in the trash. It fits safely into any drawer and replaces a lot of other kitchen tools. The unique detachable blade makes it a snap to clean. And the opener is dishwasher safe!

Pry off lids, loosen bottle caps, easily open tins, pop open bottle tops and ring tabs, With the Smart touch can opener as seen on TV never struggle again with bottle tops, cans, jars or containers.


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