Indoor Banana Tree Plant

Indoor Banana Tree Plant

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Indoor Banana Tree Plant

Thursday, January 18, 2018 By Dale

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You could have your own Indoor Banana Tree Plant right there growing many dozen of your very own bananas in your living room or which ever room you choose as long as it has sufficient sunlight.

Bananas are a great source of vitamins too and a good healthy snack that is rich in potassium and vitamins such as vitamin A and phosphorous. This beautiful plant make s a great decor for you and your family to enjoy, its not just another house plant.

English: Musa sp. (banana tree)

English: Musa sp. (banana tree) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Indoor Banana Tree plant is gorgeous and smells as good as it looks not to mention the tropical feel it will add to your decor. Your friends and family will be impressed to see such a lovely houseplant that actually produces bananas.

More About The Indoor Banana  Tree Plant!

OK so we all know that the price of bananas has risen over the last couple of months and you could pay as much as 5 dollars for a bunch or as much as 9 dollars if they happen to be organic. The pickers are not  giving the bananas enough time to ripen, and rush them off to the store so they loose a lot of their flavor in doing so.

Do you enjoy having fresh fruit in your own home? If so, then you should consider purchasing anIndoor Banana Treebecause you can actually grow bananas in your own home. They are quite successful as house plants, and you can grow them right in your own living room. And they only cost  $10.00! What a bargain!

You haven’t clicked the link yet? You must be waiting for the special bonus! Well, you are in luck, because the company who produces the Indoor Banana Tree Plant is having a buy one get one free for a limited time.

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These Indoor Banana Plants grow up to 8 feet and come with  their own pot and soil too! for easy growing and care. Grow your own delicious bananas year after year by the bunch. Don’t settle for over ripen and mushy bananas anymore grow your own dozens of bananas from one single plant you’ll be amazed! Makes a great conversation piece. Order Now! 100% money back guarantee from the manufacture if not delighted. This offer is not available in stores.

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Bananas are :

  • Rich in Potassium
  • Lots of Vitamin A
  • Makes a Heart Healthy Snack
  • Perfect For Cereals, Pancakes, Desserts
  • Makes Mouth Watering Banana Bread
  • Create Your Own Tropical Paradise
  • Grows From 6 To 8 Feet!
Bananas on a banana tree. Personnal photo, fre...

Bananas on a banana tree. Personnal photo, free licence (see below). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Q and A

Q: Can Banana Giant Plants only be grown inside or can they be planted outside, too?

A: They can be planted outside during frost-free months and taken indoors to survive harsh winters, or they can be left indoors exclusively if preferred.

Q: Do the plants ship as roots with soil?

A: All plants ship in an easy-to-plant protected soil kit.

Q: How long until the plants bear fruit?

A: They will likely bear a light crop this season, a lot more next season and an even heavier crop during the third season and beyond, although they typically require a minimum of 18 months to flower and fruit and usually flower in March and ripen fruit in October.

Q: How tall do they grow?

A: On average, the trees grow from 6-8 ft.

Q: How much sun and water do they need?

A: They prefer full sun to fruit, but will tolerate light shade.

Q: Are these annuals or perennials?

A: They are tender perennials.

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