Hardy Giant Blackberry Plants, The Darrow Blackberry Plant Review

Hardy Giant Blackberry Plants, The Darrow Blackberry Plant Review

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hardy plant Did you know that nutritionist have named the blackberries fruit the number one antioxidant rich superfood? Their uniquely delicious and amazingly good for you, well now you can grow your own wild blackberry plants right in your own backyard with the incredible Darrow best blackberry variety plant from gardeners collection.

The Hardy Giant Blackberry Plant produce the largest, sweetest and tastiest blackberries that are adaptable on a wide variety of soils and can withstand extreme cold temperatures too. The annual yield of the seedless blackberry plants is very high and of good quality.

The Darrow blackberry growing is named for a famous breeder at the USDA and yields the biggest juiciest blackberries you’ve ever tasted, these berries are enormous measuring up to almost 2 inches per berry, that makes for some easy pickings, black berries contain less sugar and more fiber than most other berries.


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English: Blackberry Deutsch: Brombeere

English: Blackberry Deutsch: Brombeere (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

They’re super high in antioxidants, while they help to keep your skin tight and your brain alert. And their even being researched for their ability to prevent cancer, in fact they’re practically the healthiest food in the world! Plus they’re delicious to eat. Fresh or frozen, try them on ice cream, in jams, or in your favorite cereal.

When to plant blackberry plants

Since blackberries grow best in good sunshine, it is best to plant blackberry plants during a warmer season such as spring or late fall. These plants also tolerate shade, but hardly produce fruit when grown in shade. A regular supply of water is required for good production of sweet, black berries.





The Darrow BlackBerry is a hearty high-yield plant that continues bearing giant blackberries long after other plants have stopped raising blackberries, their easy to grow and require very limited care. And now through this exceptional gardeners collection offer you can get the Hardy Darrow Giant blackberry bushes for sale for just $10, plus shipping and handling.

Your Darrow blackberry plant ships directly from the nursery and arrives ready for blackberry harvesting. Before you know it you’ll be enjoying baskets full of succulent blackberries right in your own home, and if you act right now will triple the offer and give you two more bonus plants free! Just pay additional shipping.


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