Half Time Drill Driver Review

Half Time Drill Driver Review

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Half Time Drill Driver Review

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halftime drill driverHello everybody! I’m here to tell you about a cool tool today in this Half Time Drill Driver Review ,  So you know Ive been hearing a lot about this drill tool so i wanted to make a review about it and explore the benefits and features for you so here goes

Note this is a review only to purchase or find out more about this product, Click Here To Go To The Official Half Time Drill Driver Website.

The Half Time Drill Driver cuts the time it takes to drill holes and place screws in half. This amazing contraption has found a new home in thousands of toolboxes around the world. There is no more need to switch back and forth between the drill bits and the screw head bits. What a time saver this little tool is. Imagine setting up the drill and the screw bit at the same time, drill a hole, flip the Halftime Drill Driver over, and screw in the screw, all in less than 5 seconds.

This is not an additional tool to overflow your toolbox; the Halftime Drill Driver will make the tools you have better. Homeowners, do-it-yourselfers, and contractors will find this patent pending precision tool a real time and headache saver. No longer do you have to change bits while standing on a ladder. No more dropping a bit and having to search for the thing when working in tight corners. A precision tool designed for ease of use and built to last from hardened steel, the drill driver will save you enough time to enjoy building your project and still have enough time to enjoy the weekend. The kit comes with a durable ABS plastic toolbox, 8 phillips head bits, 8 flat head bits, and 8 drill bits. You will be drilling, flipping, and driving within minutes of the tool arriving at your home.

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Halftime Drill Driver

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Halftime Drill Driver Features and Benefits

  • Cut project time in half
  • Drill, flip, and drive and never drop a bit
  • Works with the tools you already own
  • Long lasting hardened steel construction
  • Easy to use pivot button makes switching ends fast
  • 8 Phillips head screwdriver bits included
  • 8 Flat head screwdriver bits included
  • 8 Drill bits included
  • Durable ABS plastic carrying case

Customer Reviews:[Rating:5/5]

Easy To Work: [Rating:4/5]

Price: [Rating:4/5]

Support: [Rating:4/5]

Bonus: [Rating:5/5]

Company: [Rating:4/5]

Customer Service: [Rating:4/5]


The Drill Driver is great is the last comment from a young, first time homeowner in New Mexico. Having lived in a number of apartments over the years, I always dreaded putting up curtain rods. When I bought my first house, I was not looking forward to having to put up all the new curtains. Lining up the curtain rods, drilling holes and then putting the screws in. It seems to take forever. But since I got my Half Time Drill Driver As Seen On TV things are going much faster.

I can hold the bracket, drill the pilot hole, and then drive in the screw with out having to take time to reset the drill. It may take more than five seconds but it sure is a lot easier than the old-fashioned way. I make decorative birdhouses to sell and the design I use has two different size holes that I have to drill. I used to cut the pieces and then mark them. I spent more time having to mark the pieces and even then made mistakes sometimes. With this tool I can cut the pieces and then drill them in order. It is so quick to flip from one drill bit to the other that it now takes less time to do it this way than when I set it up like an assembly line. Moreover, I do not make the mistakes I used to do. The Halftime Drill Bit As Seen On Tvhas made my life easier and my projects better.

Halftime Drill Driver

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