Great Kitchen Secrets by The Kitchen Chef Tony Notaro

Great Kitchen Secrets by The Kitchen Chef Tony Notaro

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Great Kitchen Secrets by The Kitchen Chef Tony Notaro

Saturday, October 21, 2017 By Dale Wall

Priced To Buy At an Incredible Offer of Just $10.00 + (S&H) Plus Get Great Cleaning Secrets for a separate fee of just $6.99

great kitchen secretsHey guys Dale here, with another great review that even got me interested lol, and this is one product that even I had to have! Being a single guy and cooking my own food and spending a lot of time in the kitchen, I needed this for sure!

So I bought Great  Kitchen Secrets and I love it ! It’s even better than I thought. All the tips and tricks for the kitchen or household need are in this book.

Once I opened it and started to read I couldn’t put it down. It contains over 5000 secrets of everything you could imagine to help you in the kitchen or the home.


Let me ask a question?

How many times have you went to get the sour cream, opened it up only to find it’s all watery and pasty looking. One trick this book gives for that, is just turn the sour cream upside down when you place it in the refrigerator and store it that way, It will last much longer. Or what about a dryer sheet that makes a pan sparkle like new? Yep you heard me right. This is terrific!

 Tele brands has launched a new series of books with the idea to save readers money and to give them do-it-yourself solutions for the home and kitchen. The book were reviewing today is one of the best and is titled “ Grandma Knows Best: Great Kitchen Secrets By Chef Tony Notaro. It contains over 5000+ secrets to save time and money in the kitchen, as well as safety, cleaning and organizing tips.

And if you get the Great Cleaning Secrets as well, you’ll learn things like Did you know shaving cream will keep your mirrors from fogging up? lol i didn’t either! but it does! This is a Great offer Order Today!

Great Kitchen Secrets

Another of the many tricks in this kitchen secrets book is how to avoid your ice cream from getting freezer burn. With summer here who doesn’t have time for ice cream? But in order to keep your ice cream fresh and creamy and keep the freezer burn out, all you need is a little plastic wrap! When your done getting your ice cream, simply take a piece of saran wrap and cover the ice cream, place the lid back on over the saran wrap, return to the freezer. The next time you go for that cool treat, it will be just like when you first opened it. Fresh creamy and delicious.

Watch The Video Here!

 Get The Greatest Kitchen Secrets Here For $10.00 + (S&H)!


 Features and benefits:

  • save time and money
  • avoid kitchen mistakes and cooking mishaps
  • over 5000 unique kitchen tips
  • new ways to cook healthier and faster
  • helpful kitchen cleaning tricks
  • get the most out of your food
  • FREE hard cover upgrades


 Who is Chef Tony?

Chef Tony is the man behind the new book,” Great Kitchen Secrets” and has been a culinary chef for years and is coming out with his new book to make his mark and give everyone some great tips.

Born into an Italian American family from Brooklyn, Chef Tony Notaro grew up helping his grandmother in the kitchen with a home catering business. Together he and his grandparents and parents created delicious meals and this is where his love for food began.

After many years of helping his grandmother and family, Tony has continued to grow his knowledge of food and food preparation. The many tips and tricks that he learned have stuck with him through all these years and now he’s bringing them to the public with this great book GREAT KITCHEN SECRETS whether you are a chef, a beginner or a somewhat so-called cook like me, this is a book I’m sure you’ll enjoy it will be a great help in the kitchen or in the household.


Get The Greatest Kitchen Secrets Here For $10.00 + (S&H)!



You’ll get Great Kitchen Secrets for just $10 plus $6.99 shipping and handling! As a SPECIAL offer, you can also receive Great Cleaning Secrets for a separate fee of just $6.99.

State tax applies to orders from NJ & CA.


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