Giant Sunflower Mat Is Here!

Giant Sunflower Mat Is Here!

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Giant Sunflower Mat Is Here!

Thursday, January 18, 2018 By Dale Wall

Giant Sunflower Mat

Now you can have your very own Giant Sunflower Mat. Sunflowers are beautiful and they bloom all year round. They come in of bright colors of yellow, dazzling orange and glowing lemon. They grow in heights of 8 feet or taller.

The face of these particular sunflowers gets as large as a dinner plate. They can grow to an estimated 10 feet. Grow them in the front or back yard or near the gazebo. They are easy to grow and even easier to care for. Unlike other flowers that dries out and withers away the sunflower is not so easy to get rid of.

Here’s the fastest, surest way to flood your garden with masses of dazzling sunflowers starting in virtually a matter of moments. This newly developed pre-seeded Giant Sunflower Mat comes to you so densely infused with hundreds of mature sunflower seeds…they’re all ready to explode into bloom starting just days after you roll it out and sprinkle with water.

Sunflowers can survive in various weather conditions year after year. The mat rolls out into a beautiful carpet where seeds are already sprinkled. Just water the mat and wait for the flowers to grow. It is an amazing sight to see. Adorable tiny little seeds come to live and bring forth giant radiant flowers. They multiply at an alarming rate.

The mat is the fastest way to grow plants and they are ready to bloom in just a few days. Create a beautiful garden, decorate the patio, make a beautiful bouquet or create a dazzling centerpiece. Imagine looking outside and staring at one of nature’s most beautiful creation.

And what a magnificent color display  they make. Dazzling yellows, sunset  oranges, pale ‘moonbeam’ lemons…each stunning stalk hoisting itself  high as a man with blooms big as a dinner plate! Best of all, they’re self-multiplying.

There are a number of things to do with these sunflowers besides look at them. Make some sunflower oil and try it in a few recipes. It is natural and healthier than fatty grease and other oils. Enjoy eating delicious home grown sunflower seeds. Eat them in their natural forms or roast them in the oven and give them a smoky favor.

Plant the seeds today and have beautiful flowers in only a couple of days. Why go to the nursery and buy spring flowers when growing these flowers are simple, inexpensive and fun to do?

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