Get a Closer Shave with the Micro Touch Max

Get a Closer Shave with the Micro Touch Max

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Get a Closer Shave with the Micro Touch Max

micro touch maxRazors are not always the best choice to use on sensitive skin. Even after the first use razors can leave painful and annoying razor bumps and skin cuts. Until now razor choices were limited.

The best razors either cost too much money or did not work as well. What are the chances of finding a razor that does it all, cost less and is safe to use on any part of the body? It is the Micro Touch MAX. It is the only blade that cuts closer than a two  edge sword, without leaving any marks behind.

It is the all in one trimmer that remove hair in all the right places. It is safe enough to use in places that are hard to reach using a standard razor. The Micro Touch Max trims neck lines and sideburns evenly every time.

It is gentle enough to trim eyebrows and ear hair. The personal trimmer is perfect for removing unsightly nose hair. No other trimmer can accomplish so much with the turn of the finger. Remove hair from feet, hands, arms and fingers with no problem.

Chest hair grows at an amazing rate and sometime it grows too long and too thick. Micro Touch Max can either
smooth away chest hair or shorten it. It is designed to do the job that normal razors cannot at a price that is
affordable and competitive. It is compact and lightweight and easy to use. The Micro Touch Max Kit comes
complete with parts and accessories:

Micro Touch Max

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Product Specifications

  •  Lightweight
  •  Non slip rubber grip handle
  •  Built in light feature
  •  Two comb attachments included
  •  Blade 50% longer than regular blade
  •  Shaves closer to the surface
  •  Do not leave any razor bumps or burns behind
  •  Trims any part of the body safely and quickly
  •  Take along anywhere
  •  Comes in a kit with 10 grooming pieces
  •  Weighs about 10.1 ounces
  •  Length is 8.2 x 4 x 1.2 inches

What You Get

Micro Touch Max


Every man wants to look his best and his woman wants him to look even better. Trimming hair that is too long or
removing hair from places that are noticeably unattractive is definitely a job for a personal hair trimmer. Many
customers have tried this razor and found it to be just what they needed and others wanted something more.
Owning the Micro Touch Max is a personal choice and customers have different needs.

It is not bulky and awkward; it is lightweight, durable and ready to go. Customers love the fact that it removes
hair so close to the skin without exacting leaving a mark. Chest hair is the thickest hair most men have the
toughest time getting rid of. With Micro Touch Max chest hair comes off easily. It can be shortened or thinned
with just a few trims off the top. Men who forget to trim their beards of sideburns can take their personal trimmer
along and do their own trimming in less than 5 minutes. It is the perfect take along razor that does a great job
every time.

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  1. Ruth Martin says:

    The Micro Touch Max sounds like an excellent deal. It is so true that a great razor at an affordable price is hard to find. I, being a woman, greatly appreciate when my husband has a good, close shave 😉 I’ll tell him about this deal!

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