Food Lovers Fat loss System Review

Food Lovers Fat loss System Review

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Food Lovers Fat loss System Review

Wednesday, October 18, 2017 By Dale Wall

food lovers dietThe makers of The Food Lovers Fat Loss System promote the program as the no-diet weight loss plan for individuals who love eating. This simple diet plan is developed by a company named Provida with Robert Ferguson, MS a certified nutritionist. The diet program aims at eating the right pair of food at small intervals.

The diet plan lets the dieters know about slow and fast carbs, and how to pair them with healthy fats and lean protein on the fat loss plate. Depending upon the initial weight, the plan claims that a dieter will lose about three pounds every week.

In terms of basics, this particular diet plan is quite similar to other diet programs; it stresses on eating fruit, non-starchy vegetables, lean proteins, whole grains, fat free diary products and healthy fats in smaller portions and combinations. According to Ferguson, the diet plan is heart friendly and diabetes friendly, and can be modified for vegetarians.

A diet rich in soy and whey protein, found in ...

A diet rich in soy and whey protein, found in products such as soy milk and low-fat yogurt, has been shown to reduce breast cancer incidence in rats. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The diet program begins with the 21 Day Metabolism Makeover, and is subsequently followed by the Food Lovers diet for a life long

time period.

The diet is promoted in such a way that you will believe that the program will enhance your body metabolism to work faster, besides allowing you to eat all wrong foods prohibited by other diet programs.

One of the misleading promises on the site that over-promises the actual program reads as, “Eat whatever you like in your meal and lose your waistline.” Many foods such as a chocolate cake are permitted during the maintenance phase of the diet, but only in limited portions and in combination with other foods. Dieters are motivated to stay clear from chocolate cakes completely and switch to sugar free options.

How does the Food Lovers Fat Loss System work?

The diet program teaches dieters how to combine right type of proteins and particular types of carbs on the fat loss plate to boost the rate of metabolism, which is necessary to burn unwanted fat.

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Fast carbs get converted to sugar quickly thereby increasing the levels of insulin. On the other hand, desirable slow carbs metabolizes slowly without changing insulin and blood sugar. The secret of the plan includes management of carbs and eating them with right proteins to modify the effect on insulin and blood sugars.

According to Ron Dudek, PhD, a diabetes and obesity researcher at East Carolina University and paid consultant by Provida for reviewing the diet plan, dieters can transform their body into a fat melting machine by choosing the right foods.

Dudek states overeating carbs results in rise in insulin and blood sugar levels which is the main cause of obesity as insulin supports deposition of fat. However, if you consume carbs in controlled portions and eat them with right proteins, the level of insulin stays constant, and your body gets transformed into a fat melting machine instead of accumulating fat.

Starting with the diet plan

According to the program, weight loss begins in the 21-day Metabolism Makeover. Every day, the diet uncovers a simple strategy to practice healthy lifestyle habits that ensure long term weight loss. Some of the examples of good habits of the plan include keeping a log of food water as well as your exercise regimen, eating breakfast, picking healthy fats, controlling sodium, drinking plenty of water, eating fiber in adequate quantity, and getting sound sleep.



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