Dutch Glow As Seen On TV Wood Milk

Dutch Glow As Seen On TV Wood Milk

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dutch glow as seen on tvFinally there’s a pure and simple furniture polish for simple people. Introducing Dutch glow Amish Wood milk. Based on a century old Amish woodworkers formula, Dutch glow easily cleans, polishes, nourishes all of the woodwork in your home.

The simple ingredients that are in Dutch glow Amish Wood milk breakdown years of wax buildup revealing your furniture’s natural glow. Having a hard time removing those hard to remove water rings? Dutch glow removes them like magic.

Turn even in antique find into a gold mine, regular polishes and waxes can leave a sticky residue that attracts dust. Wood surfaces are very difficult to maintain and using the right surface cleaners is very important.

Many of the common issues found with most wood cleaning and wood polishing products are solved using Dutch Glow As Seen On TV. It easily cleans, breaks down any wax build-up, polishes and restores any wood surface back to it’s natural glow.


  • Reveals wood’s natural beauty
  • Removes years of wax buildup
  • Works on any wood (surface)… even painted
  • Cleans, polishes, and nourishes
  • Helps repel dust
  • One hundred year old Amish formula

Regular waxes and polishes leave a sticky residue which attracts dust and dirt. Dutch Glow protects surfaces from build-up and prevents dust and debris so less cleaning is required. Just spray it on the wood surface and wipe away with a cloth.


I’m happy I don’t have to dust my wood furniture or cabinets as often after applying it. I would recommend this Amish Milk to anyone looking to restore or clean wood surfaces. Use Dutch Glow on oak, cherry, Pine, Maple, Teak, Hickory or any painted wood   Sportsmen even love Dutch glow to clean the wood of their rifles and guns and much more.




Dutch Glow is not sold in any stores however it can be ordered online only $10 plus shipping and handling at this website.



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