Slendertone Your abs With The Flex Belt

Slendertone Your abs With The Flex Belt

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Slendertone Your abs With The Flex Belt

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Does Flex Belt Work?Slendertone Your abs With The Flex Belt, The answer can be found among the hundreds of reviews already posted by satisfied customers. If you are one of those people who are looking for a sure way to tone your body and stay in shape this belt is perfect for you.  Get great looking abs and strong stomach muscles in no time at all. You can train your muscles to contract and relax in as little as 30 minutes per day.  You can develop a routine that is simple and not over exerting. You can strengthen and tone your body in places that are otherwise weak.

If you are in physical therapy or have problems performing simple prescription based exercises the flex belt as seen on tv is just what you need. Do not let your muscles become weak and flabby. Take control of your body today and get in shape. Develop a simple workout plan and see results in only a few days. The belt works to give you deep penetrating contractions.  This belt can be worn under your shirt while you exercise or workout.  You can put it on and forget about it. Think about it as being part of your dress attire if its easier for you.

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flex belt

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Product Features And Benefits:

  •   Strengthens muscles and abs
  •     Used by physical therapists for patients treatment
  •     Several settings with built in programs
  •     LCD displays
  •     Use 3 AAA batteries
  •     Can be worn any time
  •     Stimulates the muscles with electrical penetration
  •     Lightweight, comfortable, and easy to use
  •     Tones muscle, abs and more
  •     Weighs less than 2 pounds
  •     Can wear to the gym or while performing house duties


Customer reviews:

Millions of happy customers are excited about using the flex belt to slendertone their abs. This belt eliminates the need for pushups, sit ups, and stomach crunches. There are several versions of the belt available.  There are unisex versions of the flex belt for both male and women.  Depending on which version is used some customers prefer the belt with the EMS technology. One happy customer stated that the abs belt work great and she applies germ x to the gel pads after each use. She loves using the belt and even on the first day. She does not have to ask the question does flex belt work? she already has the answer.

Another happy customer states that she puts on this belt and goes to the store and performs her daily house cleaning chores. She says this product is amazing and she uses it often and always gets great results. Yet another satisfied user of the belt has voiced his opinion. He states the belt uses 2 triple “A” batteries and it works just fine. He says he uses the belt on his days off from the gym. His claims are the belt is easy to use and painless as well. The customer says he has forgotten he has the belt on because it is not a distraction and he loves it. When someone asks Does Flex Belt Work ? the answer should be an astounding yes it does!

flex belt

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Please Note: This Is A Review Only!

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Offer Details:
With each The Flex Belt® purchased you will receive ONE (1) The Flex Belt® with Rechargeable Power and set of Gel Pads, ONE (1) Extension Belt, FREE 30 day access to The Flex Belt® Meal Planner and ONE (1) instruction manual all for a payment today of $99.99 plus $19.95 Shipping and Handling. Keep The Flex Belt® and your credit card will be charged and additional TWO (2) payments of $49.99. The Flex Belt® comes with a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee (Less S&H). No questions asked. Your order will normally ship within 1-2 business days. Priority shipping on domestic orders takes 2-4 business days after processing. Express shipping available on all domestic orders and takes 1-2 business days after processing. Offer subject to change.

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