CovFurs SlipCovers For Your Boots Or Shoes

CovFurs SlipCovers For Your Boots Or Shoes

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CovFurs SlipCovers For Your Boots Or Shoes

CovFurs SlipCovers For Your Boots Or ShoesHey Everyone Dale here with a cool item for you lovely women out there who like to go places looking good and do whats in when it comes to trendy style!

I bought a pair of these for my girlfriend and she just loves them! I cant get her to take them off ! lol so i decided to share them here with you

They’re hot. They’re Fabulous. They’re the latest trend in fashion nowadays. Introducing ,CovFurs SlipCovers For Your Boots or Shoes

CovFurs are top quality faux fur wraps that slip over any boot or shoe to instantly update your style! Now you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on multiple pairs of shoes. CovFurs® can be added to any boot to create a chic new look. Wear your CovFurs tall or slouchy – you decide! You can even wear them with heels,

wedges, or flats. Wear them to high school, an elegant dinner, the mall, or walking the dog. Wherever you decide on to wear your CovFurs , you’ll always look runway ready!

CovFurs SlipCovers For Your Boots or Shoes feel and look like real fur. They’re an simple, economical manner to update any wardrobe. CovFurs are the hottest trend in footwear accessories these days. CovFurs are great for all ages and any season so get them all!


  • Wear with any pair of boots, heels, wedges, or flats!
  • Wear tall or slouchy
  • Faux fur looks and feels real
  • For all ages and any season

 Available to you in:


Matching CovFurs cuffs normally an $80 value


CovFurs SlipCovers For Your Boots Or Shoes
Covfurs’ boot slipcovers are crafted with only the finest faux-fur materials. As recently seen lining sweater collars, boots, hats, and cuffs in the collections of several major fashion designers, faux-fur is one of this season’s hottest fashion trends

How to wear your CovFurs

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There are many ways to wear your Covfurs depending on your boot and the look you want to achieve.

Slide CovFur down over boot leg until elastic is at the top of the boot.
Posistion seam down back of the boot.
Pull CovFur down the leg of boot until bottom is touching the foot the foot portion of the boot

Slide CovFur down over boot leg until elastic is at the top of the boot.
Position seam
Roll top portion of boot leg over top of CovFur

For short Boots..
Create a full boot look by positioning CovFur on leg with elastic at the top
Put on the boot
Pull CovFur Over boot to desired length


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CovFurs® are available in Elegant Black, brown chinchilla or wild leopard faux fur, perfect for everyday or special occasions. Start your collection today and we’ll include matching CovFurs® cuffs normally an $80 value ALL for just $39.99 plus $8.95 processing and handling, plus you’ll get additional sets at 10% off!

Shipping is available to US only. Additional shipping fees apply to AK & HI. Applicable sales tax will be applied to orders shipped to California.

By clicking the Order Now button you are placing a live order and agreeing to the terms of our 30 day money back guarantee and the arbitration agreement.


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CovFurs SlipCovers In The News

Leading Faux Fur Accessory Company, CovFurs will Participate in the 2012 Golden Globe Pre-Award Gifting Lounge


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