Cafe Cup Review – The Perfect Cup Of Coffee

Cafe Cup Review – The Perfect Cup Of Coffee

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Cafe Cup Review – The Perfect Cup Of Coffee 

Thursday, January 18, 2018

By Dale Wall


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Cafe Cup Review

Website: Cafe Cup Official Website

Price: $10.99 plus you get the bonus offer

Who would buy this:

The Cafe Cup is an ideal product for busy people on the go and are short on time. This product is for the folks looking for ways to make the most of any time. For a quick cup of jo this is the perfect product for people on the go.

I have wanted to try the Cafe Cup after seeing the product in the shops, as well as on numerous TV ads, although if truth be told I was slightly dubious as a lot of these products just don’t work as the manufacturer claims. I actually got a Cafe Cup as a gift and am happy to report that this is one of those seen on TV products that does live up to expectations.

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What You Get

My brother gave me the Cafe Cup last Christmas, and the package includes a scoop and four Cafe Cups. I gather you get two scoops if you buy it online or through the TV ad.

How It Works

Using the scoop that comes with the set, you simply fill up your cup with your favorite ground coffee, and the whole process is similar to those store bought single serve cups. You then put your cup lid back on and place the cup into your coffee maker, and you will have one delicious cup of your preferred coffee in a few minutes and for less than a nickel a cup. The cups won’t leach harmful chemicals into your beverage, as they are BPA free and completely safe to use.

Watch The Product Video Here!

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Pros And Cons

The advantages outweigh the few drawbacks of the Cafe Cup system, in my opinion.

Before brewing, grind your beans to ensure the freshest cup of coffee imaginable. There is nothing better than a nice, fresh cup of coffee.

Buying single serve pre-packaged coffee cups can save you money.

You do not have to limit yourself to those brands of coffee that come in single serve cups, and you have the flexibility to use any brand or flavor of coffee you want to.

You can even create your own special blend if you like, by adding in spices, or trying a mix of half decaf and half regular coffee.

You can easily keep track of regular and decaf coffee if you like to drink both, as the Cafe Cup includes cups in two different colors. You can also brew coffee in one color and tea in the other color cups.

Reusing your Cafe Cups means that waste is eliminated.


It can sometimes be tedious filling your own cups.

You need to wash the cups after every use

Where To Purchase

Easiest place to buy is online at the official website. I paid a small handling fee, but got double my order which I thought was a great deal. Just in case I did not like the Cafe Cup, the company provides a no questions asked money back guarantee. As I say, I loved mine and use it every day!

Final Thoughts

Cafe Cup is ideal for anyone who loves their daily cup of coffee and likes to be able to drink just one cup if they feel like it. You can also choose your flavor and enjoy a different flavor of coffee each time, save money and protect the environment, all at the same time.

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