Buy Your Child a Kids Snuggle Blanket for the Holidays

Buy Your Child a Kids Snuggle Blanket for the Holidays

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Buy Your Child a Kids Snuggle Blanket for the


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snuggie blanket for kidsHey Guys Dale here with another cool review for your kids! Let your children chill out and keep warm with the Snuggie for kids I bought one of these my self for grown-ups, I mean come on who don’t have a Snuggie right! lol so when my kids came over to visit my little girl said ooh daddy i want one! so i bought one for her and my son, long story short my daughter didn’t want to take it off  lol  it was so funny! she absolutely loved it.

A kids snuggle blanket is the perfect gift to give to your child for the holidays. Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years and birthdays are the best times of the year to share this unique and appealing item with your child. Holidays are normally associated with winter and cold weather.

Imagine your child sitting around the fireplace enjoying a cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows, and listening to you while you tell him or her fantastic bedtime story; while he or she is securely wrapped in the snuggle blanket.

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snuggie blanket for kids

The kids snuggle blanket is also great for slumber parties and outdoor camping. Outdoor camping is fun and adventurous. Children usually forget to pack a few things and sometimes the blanket is one of them. However, you can save the day and pack the kids warm cuddly blankets ahead of time.

Even on days when your child wants to just lounge around the house and watch television ‘snuggle’ can keep him or her warm. Get one of these amazing blankets for your child today.  Undoubtedly, your child will want to replace the old blanket that is lying around the room and sitting on the closet shelf.

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Product Features

  •     Make great gifts for any age group and for any occasion
  •     Comes in several colors
  •     Can replace the traditional blanket
  •     Has over-sized sleeves to keep arms warm
  •     Can be worn any time
  •     Great for slumber parties and for outdoor camping
  •     Perfect for lounging, studying or just relaxing
  •     Can buy one or several
  •     Lasts a long time
  •     Made from fleece material
  •     Lightweight and easy to care for
  •     Machine washable and tumble dry
  •     Costs less than most blanket
  •     Long enough to cover the entire body

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Customer Reviews

Since the kids snuggle blanket have been introduced in the market places millions of satisfied customers have expressed by satisfaction of owning one or more of these blankets.  One happy customer stated that she brought theRockin Blue blanket for her son and she is very pleased with her selection. She says her son is also in love with the snuggie blanket and she highly recommends that parents buy one for their child.

Snuggle blankets for kids are very popular and their popularity continues to soar each year. Parents are always looking for great and unique gifts to give to their children and these blankets are the idea gift to give. The blankets are available in two colors Pretty Pink and Rockin Blue. Your child will love you for being so thoughtful and for remembering that snuggie blankets for kids are hot and everyone wants one.

These blankets are so cheaply priced until you can purchase more than one.  Purchase one for birthdays, holidays and special occasions. Your child will enjoy wearing these over-sized blankets to sporting events or over to grandma’s house. Keep the fun and excitement of your family alive and make your child’s eye light up. Be prepared; buy your child a kids snuggle blanket for the upcoming season.

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Offer Details:

All Buy 1 Get 1 Free sets are in the same color. No substitution of colors.

Buy 1 Snuggie™ Kids Blanket with Free Fluffy Fun Socks for $19.95 + $7.95 P&H, and receive a second Snuggie™ Blanket for Kids and Pair of Socks FREE, *just pay an additional $7.95 P&H!

Customer Service

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