Bottle Top For Cans

Bottle Top For Cans

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Bottle Top For Cans

Bottle Tops For CansHello everyone this is Dale today with a cool invention this guy came up with called Bottle Top For Cans. What does it do you ask? Well it turns your favorite can drinks into a bottle, yeah that’s right its really easy to use just  snap a bottle top on your can and that’s it you’re done.

We all know how messy an open can in the refrigerator can be, and can spill or go flat in no time.  Keep that fizz from now on with Bottle Top For Cans,  It has a tight leak proof seal that seals  your can and keeps it from leaking. The snap of a cap is all it takes.  No more fear of spilling your drink when traveling.

Attaches to almost any can instantly, soda, beer, ice tea or energy drinks. It snaps in place instantly to seal the top closed. When you’re done just snap off the top. It’s washable and reusable time after time. Protect your can now at those picnics or barbeques from crawling bugs yuck!! How many times have you had that happen?

Their great for kids because they don’t spill anymore drinks, friends and family just love Bottle Top for Cans too when you’re done just pop it off and then wash them and reuse again and again. A set of Bottle Top comes in six different colors

Normally a set of 6 Bottle Tops cost $10 plus the cost of shipping and handling. But right now with this special offer, you’ll get an additional set of 6 Bottle Top For Cans free. You just have to pay the additional shipping.

That’s a total of 12 Bottle Tops for $10 plus shipping and handling. But there’s more. Now you’ll also receive a free Can Top Popper. It allows you to open cans with ease and without damaging your nails. This special offer is not available in stores.

Now everyone in the family will have their own recognizable Bottle Top color. No more guessing which can is yours at the family get together or pizza night. best of all, Bottle Top for Cans fits on just about any size can, big or small with a leak proof seal.

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Features of Bottle top:

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  • Turns your favorite can drinks into a bottle.
  • Extremely simple to use.
  • Keep your soda carbonated
  • Travel with your canned drink without the fear of spilling
  • Prevents bugs from crawling into your drink.
  • Great for children
  • Reusable so you could wash them and use them again and again.
  • Receive a free Can Top Popper.


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Offer Details:

Today, as part of this special internet offer, you will receive a set of six amazing Bottle Tops™ for only $10 plus $6.99 S&H. And as a BONUS, you’ll also get another set of six Bottle Top™, just pay separate $6.99 S&H. Now you’ll enjoy all the benefits of a re-sealable bottle top with your favorite canned drink. That’s a tremendous value. This special offer is not available in stores so order online today!

Customer Reviews

I bought three of these at a July 4th Festival and I love them! I use them at work to keep my soda fresh and it really does help the carbonation from going out of it (you hear a psst when you unscrew the lid). I was not told that they are NOT dishwasher safe and washed all three on the top shelf. Only one was damaged and I learned my lesson to only hand wash them. It would be nice if there were a few more threads on the bottle to tighten the cap down further (they screw down only one rotation, far enough that my 6 yr. old handles it just fine). But if you are using it in your car, at work or home then this product is perfect for you. The cap securely pops onto the can and doesn’t leak at all. I recommend this cap to anyone who hates drinking flat soda and likes to try out new inventions. This one is worth trying out and it works great!

I, too, have had no issues with leakage from the tops. We have three and use them constantly. I purchased after many accidental spills with cans and love them for converting our cans to bottles. Just make sure you don’t forget to open the can before you put it on since they are impossible to remove from an un-opened can :o) I will be purchasing more of these…they are GREAT!

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