Blankid Buddy Review – Kids Snuggle Blanket

Blankid Buddy Review – Kids Snuggle Blanket

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Blankid Buddy Review

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blankid buddy kids snuggle blanketThe Blankid Buddy is similar to that of the kids snuggle blanket, but the products are amazingly unique. If you have children or grandchildren at home they will absolutely love you for surprising them with the blankid buddy. The blankid buddy is a versatile blanket that can be used in several capacities. It can become your children’s best friend.

Please Note: This Is A Review Only, Click Here To Get Your Very Own Blankid Buddy Kids Snuggle Blanket

For instance, it works as a blanket to keep your children warm during cool nights, it is a pillow for them to rest their weary heads on when they are tired, it is a backpack for them to carry their school supplies or overnight clothes inside, and it a plush animal that they cannot help but to fall in love with. If you travel a lot your children can pack their clothes inside their blankid buddy. However, children can enjoy the both of two worlds the children’s snuggle blanket and the blankid travel pack.

blankid buddy kids snuggle blanket

Click Here To Get Your Very Own Blankid Buddy Kids Snuggle Blanket

Give your children the satisfaction of owning this amazing product.  They will enjoy using their very own pillow to sleep on at grandma’s house or for resting on while they are traveling in the back seat of the car. It is easy for them to transform their item into any style they choose within minutes.

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The super soft and cuddly blanket provides a generous amount of coverage, measuring 30″ long and 15″ wide

The backpack has an incredible amount of space to carry most belongings

A travel pillow is created from the animal arms that wrap around and attach behind the child’s neck to offer head support while sleeping.

Meet your new Blankid Buddy friends, 3 DIFFERENT ANIMAL BUDDIES

Pailou the Panda is a Giant Panda from the Sichuan Province of China

Makemba the Monkey is a Bonobo Ape from South of the Zaire River in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Lula the Ladybug is a Ladybird Beetle from Yosemite National Park, California.

Product Features

  •     4 in 1 kids gear
  •     Perfect for school or traveling
  •     Converts to a pillow for sleeping
  •     Can be used as a backpack or travel bag
  •     It is a warm cozy plush blanket
  •      Transforms to a nice soft cushiony animal
  •     As popular as other Kids snuggle blankets
  •     Available in 3 unique transformations
  •     Large and roomy to hold more belongings
  •     Extra pockets attached for carrying small objects
  •     Removable water resistant interior pouch
  •     Blanket is 30 inches long and 15 inches wide
  •     Perfect for kids ages 3 to 8 years old
  •     Animal arms are attached to pillow to embrace child’s neck
  •     Can be used as a napping mat
  •     Perfect for children in daycare
  •     Available in three different buddy styles

Customer Reviews

Millions of happy customers who have ordered the kids snuggle blanket is also happy about the Blankid buddy. One happy customer stated she is very happy with the blankid buddy. She said this product is amazing, unique, new and very well thought out. She loves the fact that her children can use it for 4 different things instead of only one thing. She says this product is not just for children it is a lifesaver, for parents and grandparents alike. She is so happy with this item that she believes it should be given to every child at birth.

One happy grandparent stated this item was a huge hit and it caused her grandchild to get so much attention. She stated that many parents and kids were inquisitive as to where the item was purchased. She stated that this item is attractive and useful and she would buy one again as a gift of course. The blankid buddy is great and so is the kids snuggle blanket.

blankid buddy kids snuggle blanket

Click Here To Get Your Very Own Blankid Buddy Kids Snuggle Blanket

Please Note: This Is A Review Only!

Thanks for reading our Blankid Buddy Review – Kids Snuggle Blanket, If you have any questions about order status or any customer service related issues, please contact the product manufacturer directly! is compensated financially or otherwise for all articles and reviews on this website. For more information, read our full disclosure. We do our best to verify the truthfulness of the product pricing and product claims, but consumers are urged to use their own discretion when purchasing products.


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When ordering today, you will receive a BlanKid Buddy® in your choice of Makemba the Monkey, Pailou the Panda, or Lula the Ladybug for just $29.95 + $9.95 S&H. You can also add a second Blankid Buddy, of the same style, for FREE, just pay the additional $9.95 S&H.

*State tax will be added to orders for CA

**An additional $14.95 S&H is added for items sent to Canada. An additional $4.95 S&H is added for orders sent to Guam, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, and Alaska.

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