As Seen On TV ShamZees

As Seen On TV ShamZees

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As Seen On TV ShamZees

shamzees as seen on tvJay@Play is the creator of the award winning Happy Nappers, as well as CuddleUppets. They are now introducing the as seen on TV ShamZees. With this product they continue their history of creating useful toys for kids.

ShamZees are a great way in which you can add a touch of home to a trip, some wonderful cuddling during nap time or simple joy anytime. These are snuggly, pillow eating friends with friendly faces.

They remain empty until it eats up a pillow, at which time it becomes a big, cuddly friend. There are 6 of these critters each fitting your standard 20″ x 26″ pillow. Some of them will eat your pillow horizontally while others will eat them vertically, Pillows are not included.




  • Fits any Standard Bed Pillow
  • Really Big, Soft and Cuddly
  • Great for Home and Adds a Touch of Home to any Trip
  • Lots of Pillow Eating Fun!
  • ShamZees™ – Pillow Eating Friends


These pillow eating friends will be a constant source of entertainment for your kids, and when it’s bed time they will be their cuddly companions too.



Your ShamZees pillow eating friends include:

  • * Gobble Monster
  • * Bally Tiger
  • * Munchie Dog
  • * Poodalina Poodle
  • * Candy Corn Unicorn
  • * Little Miss Dottie Ladybug

Each of these new as seen on TV products are completely machine washable. You can purchase them at for just $19.99.
“A gobble, a giggle, a hug and a wiggle, that’s how you do the Shamzee dance!”


You can order the Shamzee today in your choice of 6 characters for just $19.99 +$8.99 S&H.

*State tax will be added to orders for: AR, CA, MN, NJ, NY, SC & TX.


**An additional $10 S&H is added for items sent to Canada, Guam, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, US Virgin Islands and Alaska.

Please allow 2-6 weeks for delivery.


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