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Dale’s Best As Seen On TV Product Of The Week:


Tummy Stuffers As Seen On tv


Features and Benefits

  • One of the best ways to handle limited space in your child’s room The kids can put all their things inside Tummy Stuffers making their room look clean as a whistle.
  • Kids will keep their room cleaner with these guys and have fun doing it.
  • A better alternative to a backpack for an overnight sleepover, a road trip, or going on vacation.
  • The best solution for both a cuddly stuffed animal and storage container.


Tummy Stuffers is a toy but yet its a way for your kids to learn responsibility for cleaning up and storing all their items the fun way. Tummy Stuffers are cool stuffed animals that don’t just lay around and take up space. These are really awesome critters that are so cute, that swallow your kids things and make more room. .

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Stone Wave Microwave Cooker


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